Statue of the thinkerThe word – ‘existence’ everyone is aware about, but may be there are very few who are aware about its true meaning.

Having a discourse on such concept, one might feel ascetic or even have confused thoughts. This is not a subject that one would talk about with a growing interest or with a will to know. The words like reality and myth or truth and fiction differentiate between two sides of the same coin.

People usually believe as real what they perceive, from here it’s easy to accept one’s own thought construction. Although, reality is not all about a seemingly existence, but it’s beyond one’s thought construction, which cannot be perceived or thought about.

Speaking of God as one of the highest reality that everyone would believe is not unacceptable or disprovable, but it is not something that one should discuss about as one of the daily subjects of life. There are many other entities in the world whose existence cannot be explained and it is hard to find their locus and the root of its cause.

Existence does not give birth to immortality but, raises the motion of truth to a vital extent. As a matter of fact, it is defiant to explain it through any source since, we are in a world knowing about the things that we can feel or see. These main sources are the powers which make the process of gaining knowledge much easier in a way that turns inevitable to be disproved by any means.

Moreover, world is in a state of illusion where no one is aware of any possible truth for a very obvious reason that nobody can reach that higher state. God or super being or the ultimate could be given such attributes as – omniscience, omnipotence, omnipotent etc which would derive it as the highest or the transcendental state which cannot be reached by any human being. However, since we are discussing about truth and fiction, considering God as one of the subject would show us many ways to escape from illusion. It is essential for one to understand the distinction between what is to be believed or what ought to be believed.  Considerably, one can only know or realize the truth once he/she is ready to welcome it.

The process of removal of illusion may sound easy, but it is as hard as breaking a hard nut without any equipment. This can be implemented by a proceed or a begin to understand the depth of it either by applying one’s own logic or analytical ability which would hint at a way out of the impasse rising to a plane higher than reason.

Meeta Pillai

Guest Author

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