Tranquility and serenity

Aren’t these words beautiful and melodic? Don’t they tend to induce a tranquil state within your own self? Repeat these words slowly, picture serenity as you say them out loud. Aah…it makes you feel peaceful inside.

Do this. Whenever you come across unusual quotations that makes you feel good and inspire you in any way, write them on small cards and carry at least one of them in your wallet. Maybe in the meantime, each quotation does get committed to your memory and each idea starts lubricating peace in your mind.

We aren’t so busy of course, are we? If you are then forget everything else and just drop those positive words and quotations in your mind allowing them to ‘dissolve’ in your consciousness. Each time you do this, these words will act as a healing balm. It’s one of the simplest processes and the most effective one to stay calm.

What usually happens is we tend to get attracted to negatives way too faster and we can safely assume that the same applies for the population around. The kind of blows that life gives us, those accumulated difficulties and those problems that just keeps multiplying tend to sap all our energies and leaves us troubled and discouraged.

Little do we stop and see for our self that thousands just go crawling through life on their hands and knees. The only difference is that some are born with it and some voluntarily choose this course of life.

So let’s not just give up. Let’s not be inwardly afraid and shrink from life.
Embrace positivity. Live life.

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