The recent advances in the field of Information technology has not only left no stone scorched but also procured a tawdry environment wherein no parent approves of his/her child’s opting for any course not under the ambit of medical or non- medical Science. This environment is not very conducive to studying as it leads to superficial development of an individual and to peculiar disorder in the society. The very individual is expected not to follow his/her interest but to pave the path for his/her parent’s placement-oriented satisfaction due to which the lamentable individual is obliged to throw his/her dreams into the dying sun.

This crass coercion entails the mind of clutter following which the individual is not keen to learn but to earn. The essence of knowledge has been clouded by avarice as is evident by the present scenario where one, without underlining one’s interest, is acquainted with “an aim” to get a job in a multi-national company. Such is the splenetic scenario permeating the lives of millions in the country. The race for money may seem alluring to one but one man’s meat is another man’s poison.  It not only affects the individual’s growth but also affects the company’s sustenance as the individual’s lack of interest in his/her job may, by the by, lead to rambunctiousness.

The need of the hour is to emphatically reflect upon such a scenario and quell this faux-pas. One needs to know what one’s interest areas are and how one could ascertain to achieve one’s goal. One must absorb the fact that it is not the degree that culminates the seeds of happiness but the ability to know one’s interest and act accordingly. Also, the parent-child synchronization is an imperative where a parent must understand the needs, the dreams and the interests of his/her child. Also, a child must understand the parent’s expectations and must try analyzing and comprehending it instead of simply ignoring it.

Wear what you WISH to,

Wear what you WANT to.

Don’t go by the trend,

With the willy-nilly comes the fag end.

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