This teacher’s day I thought of thanking some of my teachers. From school to college, I have come across some brilliant teachers who have really impacted my thinking, my interests and been mentors for me. And as I was preparing a list of all those I wanted to thank, I suddenly thought, Why only some, why not all?

From kindergarten, each child has his set of favorite teachers and a set of those he hates. But now that I come to think about it, each one of them have played an important role in our lives.

For example, I simply adored my class teacher in nursery. She was so sweet and lenient. Even if someone made a mistake or was naughty, she only mildly scolded them. The first three years of my school were excellent because of her.
On the other hand, our principal was a real terror. He never spared even small kids. A single kid out of line meant an immediate call to the parent or a note in diary (and back then, your mom or dad getting to know about your pranks was a disaster!). But had he not been strict, perhaps I would have not been disciplined in the early years itself. I remember once he came across a 6 year old using a cuss word. Surely, the kid did not even know what it meant. He must have heard it on TV or someplace. The principal looked sternly at him and asked him if he knows what it means. The kid was too frightened to say anything but shook his head in a no. Sir’s only words after that were You are a child now, your mother and father think you are one of the most polite children and come from a good family. If not mine, you should at least respect your mother’s wishes. Somehow, those words I heard in that tender age are still imprinted upon me. And whenever I come across a situation where I have to chose between a good and a bad, I remember that my mother thinks I am good and honest and hence I should not break her wishes.

Most of the teachers I wanted to particularly thank will get a call from me by the evening. For those I cannot reach and the list is too long to be mentioned here, I want to say something.

Thank you Sirs and Madams. You all have made me a good person today. For all the pranks and disobedience you had to tolerate back then, I am extremely sorry. For all your blessings and well wishes, for your endless days of teaching the same subjects again and again, for your endless nights of checking our homeworks and assignments, for your endless tolerance towards our disrespect shown, for your hard work; today I am a responsible and one of the better persons of the society.

Thank You.

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