I came across this profound quote by John Archibald Wheeler, “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once“. I admired it intensely, which ignited a thought to unleash the perception of time that I possess. After devouring few books, watching movies and reading some of the articles, I have always been taught with one solution for every misery. The solution is ‘time has solution for everything’. Be it the result to the endless effort we are investing in a project or the emotional distress that we are undergoing. Any optimistic person around you and every single inspirational speaker would throw the dice of consolation and will always result with the facade which claims “time heals everything.”

Is it always acceptable? I do not know, what polymorphic quality does time possess. But it certainly walks in the front door of my abode of imagination in disguise. In the situation when I do not want the time to move real fast, time is a bloody monster who is starving to cease happiness from me. When I sit finger crossed for something amazing to happen with hell lot of eagerness and anxiety, time doesn’t seem to move at all. The callous character of time, making it run like wind and crawl like a snail is a skill to remind me of its presence. It reminds me saying, “I am the master” though a swift whip. But I would say, time is a monster. A hideous monster which has always behind you to cease everything from you.If time were the one who was supposed to heal every single misery of mine, then why would it make me in fall in the depths of despair at the first place. Why did it play peekaboo game with my emotional equilibrium? Time was the one which made me to taste the richness of the dish through aroma, but in a brisk that delicious dish was taken out of my plate before I could taste it. How fair is this game? Why should I have to be a puppet of this game? Why should time be the master of the game?

I sit in the same game arena crafted by this  knavish time, and think of incessant plans to elude from this place. I hit no where. I am always bound by this constraint. I have to bow my head and accept the defeat. I have to be accept it listlessly and with self consolation. The true essence of time is beyond my comprehension. I cannot decipher the intention of time to sow the seeds of ambition and desire in me and squelch off before it reaps. The notion of time is defined by me. The concept of time is not quantifiable. We use a set of rules to which include days, hours, minutes etc to maintain a common index. But in reality, the same amount of time is perceived in multitudinous feelings and emotions by billions of us.
Time is me. I define the time. This implies, I am the monster for my misery and at the same time I am the master for my victory.

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