LifeI miss being a child. I miss all those care free days. I miss playing in the evening. A time when you could really smile and be happy without worrying that the very next second something might happen to change it. I miss those days of innocence, when we all thought that the world is a perfect place. A time when you don’t even realize what life is actually all about. I miss having those long summer breaks where you could play all day long. Wish those days could last forever. But they don’t, you grow up!

That’s the time you realize what life is all about. Its not what you thought it would be. All sun shine. Its not even close to it. There are days when you just can’t explain how you feel. When you don’t even know whats going on or what do you really want. Sometimes you just want to leave everything and walk away. Walk away to a place where you can be at peace again. To a place where you can start afresh. A palce where you can forget everything and everyone that once hurt you and broke your heart. To a place where you don’t know anybody and nobody knows you. Maybe this is called running away from life, but sometimes that’s what you need. And maybe this is what you need to change your life. You don’t need anyone anymore to tell you that its going to be alright because deep down you know it’s not going to be, and you are tired of hearing that lie again and again.

This is the time where you get to know what fake smiling is all about. You become so good at it that nobody knows the difference. You learn to smile always, no matter how you feel inside. No matter how much pain you are hiding inside, you learn to smile. There are times when you even forget what a genuine smile is all about. The one that goes all to your ears and brings a sparkle in your eyes. You don’t get that anymore. You totally forget what being really happy is all about. So much so, that when you are actually happy you are afraid that something bad might happen next and all your happiness will be over. You are sure that life will find a way to take away your smile and replace it with the fake one.

But even after all this there’s still a child hidden somewhere deep in us. Which still hopes that someday every dream will come true. That someday the world might be the place they once thought it to be. That part of us which still believes in miracles and wishing upon stars. So don’t stop dreaming, believing. Have hope that someday you will be happy without any restrictions. All the pain and all the fear you have felt till now will suddenly vanish, replaced by a brand new smile and a new dream. Your broken heart will be finally repaired and you will be like a child again!

Tuhina Pahwa

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