This goes out for all the nice guys out there. The nice guys who stay a friend and despite howmuchever they want or wish, they do not cross the fine line between sacred friendship and pure love. The nice guys will not take advantage of the girl or count out how many times he had to wait for her to get ready for the party where he is only escorting her as a friend. She takes him only because the guy she has a crush on is busy with some other high nosed girl. The nice guy is jeered at for being the forever alone friend of a hot female who does not consider him anything more than just a friend.

Waiting for youThe nice guy talks for hours to this girl when her stupid boyfriend breaks her heart or has hurt her for something. He will run out in the middle of the night to get her notes photocopied or sneak in that pizza delivery to the girl. He does not talk dirty about her when he is with his friends or lies about them having a relationship. He will compliment her from time to time and make her feel special, unlike that useless mean boy she is going out with who freely ogles at other females in front of her.

The nice guy tries to hint that the bad ass guy the girl is actually all over is ultimately going to dump her soon, but does not stress on making her leave him. He just stands there forever as a pillar of support and tries to protect the girl from getting hurt at all times.

The nice guy knows he might be hopelessly in love with her and has told her the same, but she wants to keep things on the “friend level”. He agrees and gives her time. And sometimes, things do work out. The girl understands that in this big bad world she can have this one man who will go to all lengths to keep her happy.

But more often than not, things don’t.

In this big bad world, you really do have a special place for yourself and everyone appreciates your strong support. They respect your niceness and efforts and the infinite patience you display in waiting for the girl to make up her mind.

Perhaps it is for those girls who do not value the nice ones that most have to turn into bad ones, whom you later have to crib about.

A salute to the nice guys. And we are sure you will find the right girl for yourself, who will respect your being nice and not underestimate the value of goodness in you.

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