There was a day when the road below my feet was cold, the weather was moist, and the sky was pitch dark with four small twinkling creatures. My mind derailed from the normal path was thinking. Although I could feel the road going behind but it was clouded by some other feeling. In that stranded moss grown path I was walking alone, but not one drop of that wretched wine called loneliness went into my mind.

While walking through that road at 11pm in the night, my mind was on its way thinking about success, reaching the attitudes that no one has ever imagined. An altitude that is immeasurable, gives you the title of a ‘winner’. Then I told my mind to hunt for an answer. As it did, it found the most beautiful thing that God ever gifted someone, FRIENDS.

It was a day that I spent with my friends, clicked photographs, had lunch, chatted incessantly, played over a competition and then finally had a very enjoyable dinner. It was our farewell.

Going to mall, watching movies, playing pranks, studying together and not to forget the small but interesting arguments which get converted to bottle fights, all these are memories that have been engraved in our rock solid ‘engineering’ hearts.

Altitude is nothing but a measure of how much you can stretch your mind in a purely technical sense but Life is about how much you can expand your heart. Each and every person is hungry to get a dream job which means getting a very good salary and not satisfaction and once it happens that we are not satisfied with the high paying job we repent, some prefer to adjust and some are so inert that they consider themselves to have reached the pinnacle of success. All these are absolute negative feelings.

Friends teach you several things without your realization and these teachings help you through all the hard times.

But then what gives you success, still the mind was not satisfied. It wandered over something more beautiful ‘LOVE’. Love is the word that makes the heart feel like a garden with colorful flowers and butterflies merrily flying around. Love is made up of three components intimacy, passion and commitment. The mind pondered over and concluded that ‘Love is Life’. Love is the only feeling that expands your heart and fills it with ecstasy. Once, you are happy you shall reach success.

Mind running at a pace started to search for examples that support the analysis. The 1st example was Albert Einstein, who had a very passionate life. He fathered a child before marriage. Lord Krishna, the God of romance as all the lovers call him was the spiritual entity that my selected as a staunch example.

My neurons were working really hard as I rang the bell of my house. My mom opened up the door with a smile indicating the relief that I was finally back home.  As I sat down my mother rushed to the kitchen fetched something for me to eat and while I was having the chappatis high frequency sound waves hit my ear.

Then I reached out for my bed, my neurons started to settle but still working at the same pace.

Then my mind concluded even though a part of my sound sensors had suffered serious stress minutes before that our success is defined by our parents. They nurture us in the way they want to see us. Once they know we can take care of ourselves, although they feel proud of their child but still have the small feeling of insecurity for him. They guide us through all our tough times and always care for us. Thus, all our achievements should be credited to them.

Now, this is enough, I am lying on my Bed then why am I still thinking? I told my mind to stop questioning about how one can reach the highest altitude of success.

But, the answer was already there with me all the time. It was only the realization that was required. To succeed you need to think differently. It is the worm inside you that makes you think. Every single person who thinks by his own perspective reaches the pinnacle of success. Thinking and believing in your perspective gives you the ultimate satisfaction and once you are satisfied no one can stop you from reaching your goal. Friends, Love, Parents and many more entities are a part of that satisfaction, but the passion to ‘think your way’ adds the extra to the ordinary.

So, to reach the altitude you have set ‘think differently’.

Badri Narayana
1st Year, Delhi Technological University

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