“Are you a Theist or Atheist?” Whenever I am asked this minuscule question, my rational mind which sometimes behaves irrationally emits a thought “Does it matter?”

When I am asked to pick Yes / No than subjectively answering to the above question and if I land up saying No! Perhaps the next question is “Do I believe in Religion?” for that my objective answer would be ‘Yes’ but I fail to understand why Religion is so tightly bound to GOD, religion is the way we live whereas GOD is the belief that we live by. These two are parallel things yet so easily misconceived.

I believe GOD is a conceptualized term for Self Confidence, when one is rendered helpless, concept of GOD comes into picture which is nothing but a manifestation of self-confidence. It is easy to persuade one in believing in an external thing than in oneself, and perhaps GOD is a concept that helps in restoring belief in oneself. God is not an external thing but a part of oneself, as long as one believes in oneself it makes no sense to debate on if GOD exists or not.

More than 97.7% of the world population believes in the materialistic external GOD thus Theists. By claiming that these are minuscule thoughts which don’t matter – do I proclaim that all these are fools? There are so many forces in nature which I can’t comprehend and many a times can’t empirically explain but do I dare believe in them yet? What separates myth from reality? Do I believe in black magic, that I could be imprinted into a doll and that doll can be used to harm me? If I dint know how electromagnetic waves can be used to send information perhaps mobile phones could be equally mythical, in that case what is a myth and what is the reality, what is truth and what is lie? before Galileo whole world believed that earth is center of universe, before Darwin whole world believed that everything was created at once, if we had said one could fly on a metal – everyone would make it a laughingstocks in 15th century, if I say I could be invisible by chatting out a mantra perhaps you would laugh at me too – but will it be the same 100 years from now? Now polygamy is considered a social abuse but was highly respected in times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. With all this what the hell is myth and what the hell is reality? What the hell is good and what the hell is bad?

Considering all this now – does it make any sense to go by the words, 97.7% of the people in this world believe in GOD – Do i think all of them are fools? Frankly I don’t care. I don’t care if black magic exists or not, I don’t care if GOD exists or not, I don’t care if whole world is living in illusion feeling protected under the umbrella of GOD or not. But I know for sure that whenever I fall, I can stand back, whenever I am crushed, I can spring back to life. I know I can achieve all this because of my will power, for me this is my GOD, this is what I worship. For me GOD is not a materialistic yet intangible thing of mystery but the Self Confidence and Self Will I have it within.

“Are you a Theist or Atheist?” Whenever I am asked this, my rational mind which sometimes behaves irrationally emits a thought “Does it matter?” As long as I believe in my mom, dad, bro, sister in law, friends, animate and inanimate things around, more importantly “Does it matter….! When I believe in myself??”


  1. Beautiful said! your thoughts are exactly in resonant with mine. I never had any religious stand in my life since I got matured enough to decide what I want in life. First thing I have decided was not to chained down by any old mythical religious customs (my family hates me for it). That does not mean I am against it. I believe GOD and religion were tools that our ancestors and forefathers had used to persuade people to have a better and noble life in the times when no proof was available to justify their theory of lives, but now things have changed we longer live the lives of people who framed these customs. Had those ancestors lived now , they would have had obsoleted most of the things which were relevant only to the old times. Now we can go outside of earth and can forecast rain with our technological development, but still there are millions of people who live today believe GOD still lives in sky. Our ancestor had reasons, now its time we got to overlook those reasons and decide ourselves whether they are still appropriate to current generation , for instance, In south India , the month of Aadi is considered as inauspicious for any marriages, the reason said was God goes to sleep during that period, and therefore wedded couple cant have GOD’s blessings but the actual reason is , Aadi naturally a windy season. Therefore, there was be no harvest and hence, lack of money. Those days, weddings were held in open spaces. The blowing wind and the lack of money was a challenge to perform auspicious ceremony like weddings. Now things no longer remains same, Marriages are happening in big marriage halls, our economic status have changed, we have enough money through out the year and harvesting technique have changed. What you said about GOD was so true. God isn’t a supernatural and external thing, it is internal. Anything that brings happiness and better life can be quoted as GOD , like Love, willpower, discipline and respect. If I am wrong anywhere please let me know. I will be happy to talk more about this.


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