Picture this:

Stage is set. Planned to the last detail. Chaos miles away from ground zero. Execution waiting to be unveiled in seconds. Bated breaths. Then suddenly…..
Your world turned upside down when the glorious plan is punctuated by a major obstacle lurking close by. It tiptoes and decimates your dream plan. Your expectations which seemed realistic now get transformed to Utopian visions.
The culprit-omnipresent GOD

When everything follows the right direction, a single person casually intervenes and turns it into veritable bedlam of chaos. Don’t underestimate the powers of the ‘person’
He is the GOD, the omnipresent GOD.

In my 18 years of life, I have undergone the unprecedented attacks on my otherwise perfect plans and hopes. They follow the same choreographed sequence
step1: I plan something
step2: they are ruined
step3: I am screwed

And yes let me define my plan for you.
They are simply the solutions to my daily crisis:
What to wear, which restaurant to hit when I have food emergency, which path to follow and something as mundane like which brand of soap to use – Deepika Padukone’s or Aishwarya Rai’s….

Every homo sapien who has his residential address in the global warming inflected earth MUST have undergone these torturous bouts called problems. Their expectations, dreams and hopes MUST have been thwarted by GOD, the omnipresent GOD!
But I am one of those lucky chaps who are showered by HIS blessings too often.
Whatever I expect out of a trivial situation, the almighty obliges me with a flip 180 degree situation. This ensures that I am always battling problems and a regular at the ‘line of fire’.
From unique to quirky situations, I have done it all. For me it’s been through and done it’

But yes being too critical would invite even more showers of blessings :P. So I would like to highlight the positive points of being in constant tussle with god. They are few in number and definitely not a figment of my imagination.

Firstly you learn to suppress your inner feelings like frustration, pessimistic ideas and lack of inspiration. Once you have encountered problems, the surprise factor that makes them deadly seems to disappear. You have finally reached the conclusion about their inevitable nature and instead of frustration; the problems are welcomed with a wry smile!

Secondly, these problems work like a washing machine. They twist and turn you but the final product is a sparkling sense of humor and ability to handle anything from burnt breakfast to a tsunami!

And lastly, these fiascos would definitely have a happy ending.
Sounds good doesn’t it?
So don’t worry when GOD gifts you an occasional disaster. Smile through it and hope the next one isn’t worse.
Works for me!!



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