The day she woke up in the open air

& owning a big room


Bigger than the last.
(her mother’s womb)

Unknown of the air

She breathes in

seeping inside the universe

in her mother’s arms.

Fingers as small as

Tiny stars

which had the immense

power to paint the world .

Then she cried,

cried for the very first time

& it was the last day,

when she cried and her family laughed;

laughed with joy & happiness together.

And there she was, ready to

face the world

with the slightest

vision of her mother’s smile.

And then she was gone

her mother was gone

and it was her choice

to go.

For she wished this

beam of hope to

enlighten the whole world

through her smile.

And then she went away

Leaving behind the fresh frame

of the photograph just clicked,

in her tiny hands.

Now she will bless her

From the heaven.

Being the ‘Mother Angel’

who sacrificed for her daughter

to smile.

-Aayushi Jain

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