A boy who happened to get stuck near a river bank was learning how to sail through the river as he wished to reach the other side. He was being taught by a boatman who lived nearby. He always told the boy to look onto a mirror and build his confidence. The boy obeyed so as he thought it was very effective. He stood before the mirror and asked the boy in the mirror who is the best boatman of all and the boy replied that it was ‘you’.

As the boatman saw his progress, one day he asked the boy to go on board into the river without him. The boy got puzzled.

With uncertainty of why the boatman said so and the fear of drowning, he got onto the boat. Before starting off he thought about the boy in the mirror and that he was the best boatman in the world.

The boatman was standing on the bank as if ready for something, and as the boy realized so, he lost balance and started to drown.

The boatman saved him and asked him whether he thought about the mirror or not. The boy replied affirmatively.

The boatman laughed and said you are an under confident person.

The boy became furious he said, “No you are wrong….. I became overconfident because of your nonsense mirror exercise that is what ruined all my efforts.”

The boatman laughed harder and explained………. “You always asked your mirror, “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best of all”

YOU will be the flying answer but………….you forgot that it was a mirror who would say anything to stay alive, flatter you, console you, tell you that you are all good, you can do anything in life and so on and so forth because it was just like you a person who is under confident, sans self belief, coward and essentially full of uncertain emotions and goals. I wanted you to see this reflection of yours.

I wanted you to realize that it is the faith that comes from within and nobody can ever tell you that you are the best. You just know you are…….”

So, then the boy went up and broke the mirror.

The boy is ‘us’, the boatman, ‘GOD’, the river ‘life’ and the mirror ‘people’…….If you want to be the best in something have faith on yourself………



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