The sunlight falls on my face,
I wake up from my dream.
The morning never felt better,
I so want to joyously scream.

Everything looks so fresh,
I go for a nature walk.
I spend almost an hour,
Trying to hear the birds talk.

I had to go back home,
Even though everything looked appealing.
There was something unusual,
I was still brimming with the I-feel-good feeling.

It suddenly dawned upon me,
Why do we a make a big deal of stuff?
Even though we are broken from inside,
Why can’t we smile and bluff?

Why be so serious,
Why be so dejected and sad?
Try feeling positive every day,
And surely it won’t turn out to be bad.

Your attitude towards life,
Is of utmost importance.
Always try be happy,
And you can surely go the distance.

The last time I was this happy,
It has truly been a while.
Why worry so much about things,
When they can be easily done with a smile.

There is so much to do in life,
Why let petty things occupy your mind.
With so much misery and pain out there,
Happiness is all you should try to give and find.

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