Once upon a time Indians were living the then concept of religion – “A way of life”. Totally at peace with themselves, content with their share of basic necessities, citizens were moving towards the ultimate goal – “moksha”.

Inevitably war and instability began, with countrymen becoming deprived of employment, food, money etc. The catastrophe hit economy needed recovery. Market had to be revived.

Mr. ABC, the ruler of this worn out regime, unveiled an ambitious plan to mend all by fiddling with the then most sought after way of living i.e “religion”. Just like any other marketing strategy, his will also run on “fear”. Hence, born is the vicious chain of demand and supply.

Idol worship would give employment to craftsmen, offering flowers will work for florists, temple complexes will need masons. Temple trusts will then feed the poor and employ many more. The rich upper class would willfully donate and the govt. can fund the rest.
(explains the old saying of purchasing stuff during diwali etc.)

A given time of the year will ensure exploding sales, imports & exports, prosperity and hope for a better year ahead. Astrologers & pandits will work as undercover agents the govt and will ensure the stability of economy by timely such activities. (explains so many celebrations, big or small throughout the year and number of people make incoming from it).

This model spread across the nation and soon was interpreted differently. (that explains so many gods which we have).

Thousands of years later, just like many other logics, this too was diluted to levels felt appropriate by the society. Many a gods came and went. Only some were here to stay and be worshiped every year.

Its a question that struck me,

What if things around us were mere solutions to then existent crisis ? Maybe the whole concept of religion was to employ more people ?

P.S: If I have harmed your sentiments, don’t take it out on the comments under this post. Just read and let it go.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthy 🙂

– Prajakta Gupte, TIF

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