We experience it starting from the morning.Our alram clock is the best example of it.

What exactly cacophony is that when an irritable or irresistible sound comes to your ears and make you feel uncomfortable.The same work our alarm clocks do. Eventhough if you’ll keep your best song or tune as your alarm tone(in case of cellphones), you’ll get fed up with that noise.Because it is disturbing you and what on earth is more important for a person sleeping in the morning than sleep.

It is the human tendency to complain of all those things which disturbs them. We never try to see the other side of those things. It’s just that this trend is going on from a long time that the things which disturbs us are bad, but it is not so.Sometimes, the things are not that way.Actually,they are never that way; it’s just that you have to take the things and all the happenings around you in a positive way.There is even a doha in Hindi which correctly explains the situation-if you feel disturbance/disturbing elements as a distraction in your life.

It’s meaning goes this way-

Keep your bad doers with you, as they are the ones who’ll always show you your mistakes and become the stepping stone for your success.

According to me there does not exist any term such as enemies, it’s only the human state of mind which make differences in people as good or bad.

What we feel as disturbance,is never as that way. They are actually your stairs of the staircase which leads to the next destination. It totally depends on you that how you take it. Afterall perception is very important, you can take the same staircase to rise level up(next level of life) or to go a level down. Things keep on happening and you are the one, the most powerful person, king/queen of your life & take decisions for your good. There may come a time when you have to use the staircase to step down a level to take someone from there and walk together.

Disturbances are a part of life and it will go as it is,you can’t change the arrangements of ‘Karma’ but what’s in your hand is that how you control your wishes.Your perception about good or bad things, which are all created by us.

Life is the way you see it, one person may see it as scattered beads but the other one(you) can see a cute bracelet of it, attaching all the colorful beads (which represents different phases of life) with the string of love, care, happiness, positiveness, harmony and peace.

We all are the maker off our life.We are the one responsible for our good or bad. Blamming others,only prove your cowardness!!

So, collect your beads and tie them up with the perfect string of divine modesty honestly and beautifully.

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