I might not remember that day, but thats what they tell me; I was adamant to get on the vehicle that he used to ride and wanted to see myself read the newspaper like him, so I would take those black colored spectacles put them on take the newspaper and see whatever that is written, whether it be bold or light, small or big, anything. Then few minutes later I would sit on that vehicle waiting for him to come by so that we could go out and have breakfast at an hotel, meanwhile I’ll go….brrrrrrrr brrr brrr…….

I do not know when it happened but he just became like what I was reading the newspaper.

Earth is a sphere. Every soul that exists in this planet starts its journey from heaven and reaches the same ancient place from where it originated. Hence it becomes quite clear that the attitude and characteristics of an old man resemble that of mere six year old child. Shakespeare himself quotes in his famous poetic lines “The Seven Ages of Man” :-

Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

The ‘senior citizen’ who was once your father has now become old and a haggard man and most importantly he has become a child, craving for the love, admiration, help and care that he had given once when you were a child. Hence, the present youth consider the senior citizens as the “non-productive” and “The Helpless and Hopeless Group”.

The rise in the number of those who are ‘non-productive’ and who do not generate any ‘hope’ immediately raises an economic problem. It is also a social problem: Who is going to provide support to them and how? Apart from food and shelter, the old need care and medicines. They also crave for love and tender behavior. They would like to interact, be heard, be visible, and would like a bit of space of their own and have a constructive and creative role to play in society. To resolve this problem humans have constructed “Old-Age Homes” where the senior citizens are either sent to or go to themselves.

This has raised a lot of ambiguity among the family members, who have become the slaves of the daily routine and have no spare time to spend with their parents who made them capable of reaching such heights. Senior citizens are being hated by their own children. This is because they feel they are unnecessarily being victimized and criticized. They victimize others by their seemed to be ill advices because they feel that they are being forgotten by their relatives, friends and even their own sons and daughters.

As parents, the elders have given their children their life, educated them and most often enabled them to earn a decent living. Whatever maybe the social problem, youngsters must realize that they should care for their parents and the other elders in the family.

We, the younger generation should assure that older persons should be able to pursue opportunities for the full development of their potential, they should have access to the educational, cultural, spiritual and recreational resources of society and they should be treated fairly regardless of age, gender, racial or ethnic background, disability or other status, and valued independently of their economic contribution.

There are lot of opportunities for them in the world to make them survive and take their last breaths peacefully. But still people are still unwilling to understand themselves…….

We must never forget  “There is always a Tomorrow

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