It was a beautiful day, the floors glistened with the waterfall of sunlight as the tiny dew droplets thriving on luscious green grass ecstatically sparkled like diamonds in that embracing light. Great was the day, so was the mere experience of it, enticing and heart throbbing. But his dreams were so strongly binding him away from that beautiful day that he was tightly hugging his pillow lying in the bed, smiling to his dreams.

He saw the beauty around him in that girl, that engaging girl in his dreams. Such elegance and beauty encapsulated in one structure. God had no haste in making her, is it so? He wondered. He asked him, “How many years did you take to make her.?”.

Where was she heading to in that white saree with a sheen of red color smeared on it? He queried. The mist covered morning greeted her as their sunshine, she walked by through the garden and she sat into a car and drove. But who was driving? He had no idea, the only thing he was engaged was in that girl, the bright face and glistening eyes.

The car stopped abruptly, in front of a staircase. Where did the staircase go? No idea. None at all. The girl was everything for him. Then, he saw himself standing on that staircase, waiting for that beauty who was blushing and caressing her perfectly flowing hair, she looked at him and he gazed upon her looks. It was a queer enjoyable silence as she embraced him out of the compassion she had for him. Stunned as he was he folded his arms around her as they closed their eyes and dipped themselves into a sweet darkness.

But wait, she fidgets, she rumbles and then runs away into the light, into that car, into the sunlit and blessed morning turning his sweet darkness into a bitter one, one untold, unknown and unwanted. Thrown into that darkness, he agitates but nothing does happens, he wants to get into the light, “What do I do now?” He asks himself. Regret fills his thoughts, remorse spreads through his veins as he searches for the beautiful girl but craves more for that ecstatic sunlit morning. “Where is my sunshine?”, he looks for her. “The light has been stolen from my life”, he perceives. He chokes, breath held, brain numb, heart stopped he gets up with a jerk and opens his eyes in anticipation to find that The Sun is Shining, all he had to do was to wake up!.

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