Originally Published on December 31, 2011

This story of mine is a real special one. It is a small expression of heartfelt gratitude from me to Suman for all those wonderful words of motivation that he showered on me during one of the most miserable times in my life.

Long ago, it was probably the first or the second semester, it was the period when repeated failures, dull moments and unhappy times took over my world. I had a strange feeling that there was nobody with me. One night talking to Suman, my apartment mate, I told him, “Yaar, I feel like I’m lonely. I think I have no friends at all and don’t feel like living this life anymore.” I remember him saying, “Bhai, this is common. It happens with everyone. You could have this strange feeling right now and somebody else could be having it at some other time. Any slight disturbance in life can make you feel that way. The more you think that way and feel that way, you are burying yourself into deeper problems. Aise baato ke lekar zyada pareshaan mat hona. See, in these four years, a day will come when the entire institute will be your friend and will love you. You will never feel anybody’s absence. Just do not worry bro.”
He tried his level best to cheer me up.

Three years down the line, recollecting his words gives me so much of happiness and strength. Not only do I feel, but also I know that the whole institute is my best friend now. The students, faculty, campus, environment, trees, buildings, etc, I’m in love with everything here. The whole world here is so close to my heart. Every single moment here is a moment of joy. I have so many friends now. Love you all. Over the semesters, I have made plenty of pals. I have got here lots and lots of friends. I am thankful to everyone here for showering and continuing to shower so much love and affection on me.

I originally planned to mention all their names but the list is endless. So I am simply concluding by saying, love you one and all.

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