Here’s time for some introspection. So what adds meaning to our lives? When we reach the age of sixty, on looking back what will give us satisfaction? Money in the bank and a grand house in the heart of the city are not all. There is more to life than that. Living life on the highway gives huge amounts of money but people wear out and by the time they realize they are already bald and divorced! What is left is a massive sum of money in the bank and a grand but lonely mansion. Is this the dream most of us chase today? I think its better to be a poor guy with lots of close friends and a caring family instead of being a hot-shot with a circle of superficial and selfish friends, and a separated family.

Its not that I’ve got anything against working hard or making lots of money. Even I would love to be filthy rich, but there is always a balance which has to be maintained. Priorities should be set. Too much of anything is bad. If you have a headache, you take only one tablet of disprin. A fistful of disprin tablets won’t make the headache go away faster. Since we are born, we are stuffed with a notion that if we don’t achieve the so-called success, we would not survive; our life would be wasted. The child is not given ample time to discover his interests and likes. At the tender age, he’s sent to school where good grades bring him appreciation while poor grades bring punishment in some form. It has become a part of our society. Studies are always the first priority and everything else comes second to it. Now, isn’t Sachin Tendulkar successful? He wasn’t a very bright student.

There is this interesting tale that I’ve heard. It’s ironical in a way that it really makes you ponder. Here it goes. There was a very poor man who never worked. All day, he would sit under a tree and smoke. Everyday, a rich man would see this and drive off, ignoring the poor man. One day, the rich man decided to give the poor man a lecture on how he was living a worthless life.

Rich man: Why don’t you do some work?

Poor man: What for?

Rich man: When you will work, you will get money.

Poor man: And what will I do with the money?

Rich man: You can buy a house and save enough money for the rest of your life.

Poor man: Sir, what will I do after that?

Rich man: Then, you can laze around all day under the sun and be content.

Poor man: And what exactly am I doing right now?

Isn’t this ironical? The poor guy is still having the time of his life. The rich guy’s final aim is to basically be able to do what the poor man does without even an hour of toil. So, its up to us to find out what suits us best and in what proportion: success or happiness.

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