As a tribute to its late co founder, Apple Inc. posted a video slide show of series of black and white images of Jobs and recordings of inspirational videos over the years. It opens with a quote by Steve Jobs

“There is an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love ‘ I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been’. And we always try to do that at Apple.”

The one year since his death, Apple has continued to present the world with new, better, smarter products. Steve Jobs not only created a brand, but he changed the face of technology. No company has inspired creativity or set such super high standards in the tech world. The company, now led by Tim Cook has the herculean task of carrying forward his legacy.

The sad demise

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 after a long battle against cancer. He is one of the few public figures whose medical choices are still debated. As per Walter Isaacson’s biography, Jobs apparently neglected modern medicine often in favor of alternate medicine.

What Apple lost

Apple grew as a tech marvel, but a major role was played by Steve Jobs. With his passing away, the company lost a guiding light. Tim Cook admits that his death was a sad and difficult time for the company. Just like an orchestra has many important instrumentalists, but the main role is played by the master who makes their combined talents sound like good music to the ear; so did Apple have Jobs, the master who created magic.

Many business analysts say that the company’s still growing success is on the fumes of Job’s work. The trend of iPhone and iPad may not indicate surety of Apple’s long term future success.

Apple post Steve Jobs era

Apple leads the industry with market capitalization of $624.9 billion. The major achievement has been iPhone 5, that has witnessed sky high sales of around 6 to 10 millions. Also in pipeline are newest iPad and Apple TV.

But there have been some major disappointments too. The iPhone 5 is being ridiculed to be successful only because of the hype. “Where is the magic?”, ask critical fans. “Why the hurry to give a map feature that does not work. Would Steve Jobs have done this?

With a string of lawsuits, infringements, patent cases against its competitors, Apple seems to be a on a run to put a full stop to creativity.

Who was the real Steve Jobs?

He co founded Apple Computer Inc. with Steve Wozniak. What happened in the early days is a different story altogether, the story of a geek turned entrepreneur.

Everyone knows Jobs was a taskmaster, famous and infamous for his relentless, humorless pursuit of perfection. The story of Jobs firing people in elevators is true.

Steve Jobs was a true creationist, perfectionist, and workaholic. Perhaps some rightly say his personal life is a perfect example of how not to devote one’s life to work.

Apple lovers miss Steve Jobs, Apple haters also miss Steve Jobs. We all miss the man behind the world’s biggest technological products.

Steve Jobs was a man apart.

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