These snapshots are their little stands against the flow of time. The shutter is clicked, the flash goes off and they’ve stopped time even if just for a blink of the eye. And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this- I was here. I existed. I was young. I was happy… and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.

Robin Williams said these beautiful words in the movie One Hour Photo.

Though I didn’t like the movie but the quote holds a certain meaning to me though it simultaneously sounds meaningless in the Digital Age. If you don’t like a picture you took from your cell phone or digital camera, you can simply ‘Delete’ it. But think for a moment, what about the time when clicking pictures wasn’t as easy as it is these days? In fact, as a kid I used to be pretty excited to get clicked on family occasions or summer vacations holidays. One rarely clicked ‘random pictures’ at that time and maybe that’s why it meant more to preserve a memory, a moment or a smile. If you look at your photo albums, you’d find those pictures evoke nostalgia and the ‘good old times’ feeling whereas, all digital pictures manage to remind you is  how much fun you had on a given day or how crazy you can get (based on the number of photos you took  😛 ). I mean, let’s face it, these photos don’t have a real emotion.

Personally, I like developed photographs much better, they’re funnier and sweeter. They come out as they were taken and generally there is no editing or cropping done to them unlike a digital picture which is photo-shopped in every possible way before being uploaded on Facebook for the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. I am not saying that photo-editing isn’t good but when it comes to preserving memories, I don’t think you need to perfect the imperfections !  After all, years later what would you laugh at when you look at that picture? Right, that guy messed up your picture but let it be, rather curse the guy every time you look at the picture then 😀

Photography for me is an art, it is a way to let the world know my point of view, whatever it might be! I feel, it is a way to tell the world what you see in it and it is a chance to express the beauty you behold in your eyes. And the beauty of people lies in capturing their emotions in colour and their souls in black and white, not in the blurred effect or the sepia tone. Smile, Please? 🙂

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