Why some people pretend to care for others when actually they mean nothing to them? Is it because of their selfish biological traits or because of their cheap but a faster process of using and throwing people? Or they sometimes don’t realize that they have changed the way they used to be. Often, in this metro-city of Dilli people tend to forget that using others can cause emotional stress to them which is not to be glamorized.

fake loveAn instance of such a happening: Imagine an auxiliary person living in Dilli- Sheildon, a happy-go-lucky person looking forward to fulfill his dreams in Dilli. He had a friend who he admired and perhaps liked her too. Unknown to him, the girl was merely using him just for the sake of fulfilling her desires, her dreams and was already committed to somebody else. It’s surprising to see how the girl pretended to be a nice and honest person… perhaps she was not aware of his feelings for her… or perhaps it did not matter to her… maybe he was nobody to her. Whatever the reason might be the girl always kept him thinking otherwise. Ultimately Sheildon decided to express his feelings for her so with all his guts he said her “I feel for you and your rejection perhaps will lead to a depression”. To this, the girl was speechless and was thinking out ways of telling him a “SAFER” no… Was she rude? Doesn’t she deserve to say no? Or Sheildon over reacted? Yes, Sheildon was hyper and stupid even when he confessed his feelings for her unknowingly when she was already committed but was that Sheildon’s fault? Love can happen and it did.

Realizing this fact that she is going to say no he tried to make it easy for her by saying that he likes someone else. She was past. To this, she asks “who ?” but he remained silent.

Silence continued for about a week, then another week … he didn’t even reciprocate anything when his friends asked about his life these days. He just did not want to. On Friday night in a science exhibition he saw her. It was a coincidence. He was thinking what’s going on, why am I supposed to see her now? Why is she unable to move away from my life? Am I still in love with her? How can I leave her? Perhaps I should completely block her. Yeah, that will serve the purpose.

So he avoided her. Suddenly a message popped up in his cell. It was her, she wanted to talk him. He wondered. Now what? Why can’t she leave me abhi! Later it will become more difficult to detach from her or from anybody else.

But respecting her feelings he did meet her. She said, “You still not talking? Are you angry?” He replied with a deep silent voice, “No, not at all.” After a few minutes, she again said, “I would have told you that I am in, but I thought it’s gonna hurt you …..Can …can we be friends? I miss you too.” He was shocked, and varied thoughts mumbled his mind. She used me! Yes she did, he now knew but stayed silent…..she missed me? Oh really or she’s just missing out the fact that now I will give her space to someone who deserve it.

Fair enough, he said, “No, we can’t be friends.” He took the right step. But she turned sad, she should have tried to understand her feelings honestly but unfortunately she did not. Seeing her pale face, he relented and said, “Okay, let’s be friends!” He knew it won’t work out and that it going to turn out into a melodramatic scene soon.

One week later, the girl got some silly issue to deal with, thinking that she might be depressed, he asked her to meet him to comfort her. But she did not, he didn’t know why. Strange, stupid girl!

After a week, a message again popped on the screen “I will make my own way, just get lost bastard.” Now that was seriously rude when he just wanted to console her out over her failure, why was she angry at him? What’s the poor guy’s fault?

He asked “What’s the matter with you? What’s my fault just tell me that?” to this she just said, “We are no longer friends.” While her mind thought since I have used him enough emotionally now, it’s kind of boring now, I should leave this stupid emotionally sensitive guy.

Bitch, if you ask me.

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