This is the big question before us….

Satisfaction is necessary. If we have money, house, et al, we urge for more & more money and then remain unsatisfied our whole life .Then we use all possible ways to get more & more money and material things. And still if we cannot get all that, we become frustrated and can go to any extent to achieve them.

Life then become a race to get each & every thing…..
Most of these desires are induced to us by people surrounding us.
We think that the rich people are very happy, but deep inside, they are not at all so. They are always occupied with worries & tensions, they have no time for enjoying life with their dear-ones. So,in a way we can say that satisfaction is necessary.

Then again we can say satisfaction is unnecessary because if we remain satisfied with everything we get in our life, then how can we develop and grow in our life. We will remain stagnant in our life. Dissatisfaction makes us progressive. Dissatisfaction makes or tells our mind & heart to work harder to achieve more & more. it increase our skills and knowledge.

If we get something and achieve something we get immense pleasure.

Answer to this big question is that we have to choose a middle path
We should urge more for all these material and immaterial things in our life and work hard to achieve that, but we should choose the path which our heart says ‘correct’. In achieving these things, we should not stray on to the way which is by principles wrong for us. In the process of achieving them, we should not indulge ourself in this race so much, that we forgot what life actually is, missing all the small moments of our life spended with our parents, friends, dearones e.t.c. and missing the happiness in our life.

So keep working hard but also keep in mind that everything is important in our life, nothing is un-important. Even small small things in our life, which seems to be unimportant are actually a part of our life without which life can’t be completed……..

2nd Year, Delhi Technological University

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