Sometimes, when I’m faced with certain strenuous boring tasks (and I certainly am faced with a lot of them these days), my mind tends to wander, and on such occasions I come up with philosophical thoughts, the likes of which would have made Socrates proud. Though the task at hand is usually woefully neglected in the process, those are the only times when I realize I’m at peace with myself.
And so one fine night, I reflect on Life.

It’s funny how a person’s views about this particular topic can vary, largely depending on the benevolence showered upon him by the Gods of Fate in the past few days. Someone who has made a significant Academic or Sporting achievement will reflect on life with a bright grin on his face whereas someone who has been seeing more “downs” in recent times will post a sad smile or say nothing at all. Obviously I am not an exception to this rule, having had my fair share of victories and defeats.
Human Nature again, I reckon. And sadly, that’s become the most common excuse for our shortcomings.
Let’s ask ourselves. Have we ever garnered the courage to smile through all the trials we face, all our worries, just because we know happiness is just around the corner? Have we laughed through our tribulations, just because we appreciate this Gift we’ve been given, The Gift Of Living? The answer is No.

Being in an engineering college and taking in the world around me, what sparked of these sudden chain of thoughts is when I noticed how prone teenagers are to mood changes and depression. Being your average teenager myself, I can, to some extent, relate to it too. Sometimes we tend to feel alone, wronged by everyone around us, isolated… Everyone feels that way some time or the other during his life, but with the wake and surge of unfamiliar emotions and great expectations at around our age, these feelings tend to get more concentrated. What bothers me is how some drastically some react to this… Drinking, smoking….. The list goes on and gets extremer.
At such times, I feel we are short-sighted. We talk about long term monetary measures but never think about feelings as something that could be accumulated and used such. Materialistic gains we might have made many but emotionally we continue to be shallow.
The next time you feel wronged, empty, sad or the likes, give some thought to what I’m about to write :-

Think of life as a road you’ve been walking on. A very long road. No matter how much you walk, the end doesn’t come into your line of sight. You just keep on walking because, well, you just feel like reaching the end.
Then you start feeling lonely. And all of a sudden, someone is standing beside you. It can be a family member or a good friend. That doesn’t matter. What matters is you aren’t lonely anymore. And you continue walking.
You find little gifts too, as you keep walking. Small presents which lead to a smile on your face and hope in your heart, as you continue your journey.
Of course, there are bumps, there always will be. And you stumble… you stumble in each and every one of them. But whenever you stumble, there’ll always be someone to support you… someone to hold your hand… and the knowledge of a gift ahead to give you hope.

That’s just my little theory. But it has worked wonders for me. The next time you’re down, think first of everyone who cares for you.. Then think of all the happiness that life gifted to you.. Trust me, you’ll walk out of the worst of situations with a confident smile on your face!

Aman Bedi

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