How about having a nap in the pile of stinking trash instead of the cushioned mattresses? Cleaning one’s own shit seems such a tedious task that we have found its alternatives; how about manual scavenging? Does anyone of us realize the fact that our radar has just stopped recording the repercussions of the ‘margins’ we created for the ‘other’ who seemingly is less powerful; physically & intellectually!
I know, the above crudity of thoughts leaves us at awe! A surprisingly bitter truth. Have we ever tried to locate the truth within our horizon; forget about locating it outside our boundaries? The fact that I’m questioning you; don’t make me any better than you because these questions have only risen when I introspected my own self and came across the pungent reality we are part of.
I was going through the set of pictures, beautiful in their own ways but they sensitized me. You must be wondering what beautiful I am talking about since I have been speaking about the ‘uncomfort’ arena. The clips that I saw were beautifully Real! A baby, all naked and visibly in and out.. It did something to me, something trickled inside me, I wanted to stare and stare this very ‘bacha’, my only thought was, ‘what’s his mistake’? You still must be wondering, what is beautiful in the malnourished, almost a dead child. Beauty to me is not only in glorified beings or the colors or what not. To me the ‘soul’ of child is beautiful, I felt as if I should have been there and provided him the ‘holding’. The fact I could bridge me & him was beautiful. The ability to sit & contemplate the crisis was beautiful. I was speechless and could not participate in the discussion; the silence within me was beautiful. I can still visualize the picture & just know inside one more aspect of the ‘truthfulness’ around me. The real in the reel format appeared alive to me.
How many of us really ponder on such ‘mourning’? Do we even realize the margins we fall into? I’m sure am too is marginalized in some way or the other. I was just discussing with my pal, that I’m pretty sure by the end of our studies I’ll locate the Margins which exist in me and trust me it has already begun to trigger in me. And I can actually list them down. Phewww.. I being a psychology student, don’t own the capacity to read your mind, I have not become a perfectionist who would have solutions for every problem. I also need the ventilation so I can breathe out my conflicts. Usually I come across, “ tum pehle apne aap ko dekho fir treat karna dusro ko”. Arre, I have not yet perfected my own difficulties, how can someone fantastically assume utopian world for me and let me confess I’m not willing to have answer to every question just because I am studying psychology. I would rather like to live the unpredictability which is fortuned for me. Oh, did I say Psychology makes me marginalized? Yes it does to some extent, but the irony lies in the fact Margins are created ; they are not born itself!
First and foremost locate the Margins within you & allow yourself to absorb the ‘reality’ which appears irrevocable because of the humongous efforts it require which seem fantasy like for a meager individual but one can always build in the vulnerability to act and take action and play some role and contribute the least one can.
I have no intention to make an activist out of you but living and retaining the uncomfort would only make us stronger and would help us to deepen our routes of thought process and bring us closer to the Un said, the Un heard Unconscious…….

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