Instinct is still not dead in humans. Sexual instincts are very prominent and so is jealousy, the struggle to be the alpha, the protective feelings for family. But what about the most common instinct? The one which majority of us are unwilling to accept. The ‘Want’ to be the same as everyone else.
Confused? Let me elaborate.
Everybody wants to believe that they’re unique and not just another face in the crowd. But the instinct wants us to be the same. It’s the same in animals, they flock in groups, and they feel safe. This fact is pretty evident if you just look around. Don’t you see a trend? A majority of people of a particular region end up pursuing the same career. The decisions are based on what the majority wants. This instinct clearly dominates our mind’s desire to be different. We WANT to be followers. We WANT to be just another face in the crowd. This could explain yet another common phenomenon: Frustration
The mind’s a free bird, and not necessarily in sync with nature. Even though the instinct tells us to be the same, the mind refuses to accept. This causes friction which is just another name for frustration. It’s a fact that one should never go against nature. It’s like a river, we swim along the flow and we will face no hindrances. But the moment we decide to swim against it, we’re up for a big challenge. Some people do have the will power to do that, and right now your mind is telling you you’re one of them. But take my advice, and ask your heart.

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