An auto to the bus stand- Rs. 25 , a Volvo to Mangalore –Rs. 65 , paying for full and getting half way down- loss of Rs. 35, again an auto for a stuffy and sweaty 5km journey-Rs. 30..stepping on fine, hot coarse grains of sand and still feeling comfortable –PRICELESS.

Walking under the fake shades of coconut and date palms and slowly feeling the wetness and coolness of sand that pushes cool and positive vibes into your soul till you reach the shore is the best thing to experience Sunday morning and just when you feel it’s the best day of life…the fake shades are gone and here comes the scorching sun. Welcome to the Kaup(Kapu) Beach.

I have always loved beaches and the sea beauty is always a mesmerising for my eyes. Just as you reach the end, you hear those angry thrashing of the waves and slow movement of back currents which reminds me of the power nature holds and how its strength has given us the 2 form – rocks and sand. The variation is clearly demarcated – “green, brown, light brown and the blue…” Blue till the farthest end your eyes can see. Stalls made of bamboo and fillings of inside with plastic chairs are your soul source of food and chilled beer are scattered throughout the long stretch. To the right stand stills the vigilant eye, mounted on a huge rock (untouched) and with standard white and black stripes. The light house, which is a cites the tales of the ships far at the harbour and those below it. A beach has so much to offer.

Every one’s got their own reasons to make a visit- some spend family time, some for business, lovebirds for “secret” place and talks, some visit the nearby temple and for students like me- a priceless way to stay calm, rejuvenate my mind, hang around with friends and get clicked to cherish the memories. Lying on beach sand, closed eyes and feeling the breeze passing by ….nothing matches it. Some just slog around from their frustrating lives.

But to more often, I feel the sea is a sink of our sorrows and dullness which we discard off when we come near to it. It absorbs everything, from the last words/prayers of the drowning sailor, to those of the killed fish, the fishermen who return with empty hands, pirates who mix red with blue, the man on the lost island, to a daily worker tired of his strivings. All open up in front of the sea and funnily the sea takes them all. Never ignores anyone. The waves take them from your feet (as the flow of energy if from head to toe), thoroughly stirs them continuously and mixes them with all other thoughts , thus keeping your privacy. They take them to the storehouse (sea bed) and you always wondered why it’s dark at the bottom. Leaving you feel enlightened and that’s how nature maintains its cycle. Your environment gives you moments of cherishing and living, but you feel low when they turn ugly. The sea takes them back and when its saturation level is reached, all of it blows out on us again in one form or the other. Everything has some price. Right now I am feeling the light and can absorb the sunset but who knows I won’t get this the next time. As very well said by Christopher Morley (U.S author and journalist)

“Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it”

And so we get different sounds at different times. Everyone has two faces of their life and they perfectly live up to them. So does this vast ocean which mesmerises you but has the ability to dwell you within itself because the third law of Newton holds true for every thing that ever occurred to us, is happening and will happen. Sitting on the shore, dwelling in the past and thinking of future is what we do, I did and now its evening, I must reach back on time as the sand is itching me now.

With my eyes catching the glimpse of the horizon, I bid farewell to the mighty sun who sprinkle’s the last rays and to the waves who again freed me today while my valet is still full cuz I don’t need alcohol or drugs to rejuvenate myself or feel good but I got a “priceless” solutions to my problems.

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