Women, are the reason you all are sitting and reading this post in the first place. A girl, A lady, A woman, a female; call her what you may, she represents one of the sexes of homo sapiens existing on this planet. Her role as assigned by biological guidelines is to carry the infant for nine months in her womb.

But I am still wondering how to drive home the point of “Power of the feminine”? Should I just enlist the women leaders who have brought a change to the society? Or should I stress on the point that women at each level, whether household or professional, help in nurturing goodness from its roots.? Or should I convince you that women is the important half of the world without which, all masculinity will fail?

After due deliberation, I have concluded, it is practically impossible to satisfy the topic in totality. I would instead, express my views whole heartedly and leave it up to the readers and other authors to help in completing the mission.

I have always been agitated by the injustice to girls in our society. Why is the girl not allowed to be as professional as a man? Why should her household chores come first? Why can she not be as free as a man? Why should she be raped? Why does she not get freedom of choices?

But as I grew up, I realized it was not a concentrated issue, but its roots are buried elsewhere. Thankfully, for girls in metro cities, most of the above issues are only what we read or know, none of us would have faced it. So frankly, I think the real survivors are the ones who have faced all this, and still stood on their own feet.

Here is a little story

Radha was married at the age of 7. Child Marriage is rampant. But according to traditions, the marriage takes place, but the bride goes to groom’s house or sasural only after the age of 12 or 15. But Radha’s in laws were adamant that she come there. So at the tender age of 8 she was scooted off to an unknown place, her sasural. She was not mistreated but made to work as much as none of us sitting in the posh city homes can ever imagine. She worked at home, as well as in the fields. Her first baby was born when she was 15. It was a girl. All hell broke lose and she was cursed for bringing a girl. Being a young girl herself, she could not decipher what all the chaos was about. She could only ask God to let it be a boy next time. Within two days of giving birth, she was sent back to the daily chores again (no Maternity leaves here!). Within a year, her next baby was born, again a girl. By now she knew what all the hullabullo was about. But she was strong. She did not let her in laws’ frustration harm her children. Her husband was neither supportive nor abusive. He only cared about money and his regular dose of liquor and lust.

In the next two years she gave birth to a boy. Finally her mother in law was happy. And she was treated better. For Radha, she was just happy that all her children were healthy. Their family, including Radha, her husband and three children moved to Delhi so that her husband could get a better job. They settled somewhere in West Delhi and her husband got a job as a laborer in a construction company. Within a few weeks, Radha too decided to join. Her eldest daughter who was around four years old then was placed in charge of handling the other two kids. Well handling actually means to sheepherd them.

Within the next three years, they had three more children, two boys and a girl. Her husband by then had become more liquor friendly, and so finances started falling short. Radha took up odd jobs of working in houses. She had to face a lot of harrasment from some employers, but she never lost hope. Whenever she felt things were going out of control, she would leave the job and move on to another. Not for once did she break down and curse God. She always prayed for courage and wellness of her children.

Today, she is the proud owner of a dhaba in a street in West Delhi. Her income is just enough to ensure a good living. Her daughters are happily married, and sons are working. She is just sad that she could not provide very good education and none of her kids could study beyond 8 in govt schools. For some reason or the other they had to give up. But she is happy that she could, through all adversities give them what they wanted most.

This is an ordinary tale of many women across India. There is nothing different, but think deeply, what would you do in her place?

I know that the readers of this article will be among the percentage of population having access to internet. You are all very lucky. your parents did not marry you at the age of 7. You did not have to work in the fields. You will be given the freedom to chose your career. Many of you have unlimited access to your parents’ money and you are unknowingly wasting away your time. For a girl like me who has been pampered since she was born, I cannot even imagine what I would have done if I was in Radha’s shoes.

Today when I see teenage girls crying their heart’s out because their parents are not buying them a car or their boyfriends did not call them, I feel sad. can they not see how they are lucky even to have parents who gave them education, or the freedom to have a boyfriend?

For the millions of women like Radha, they neither had the choice, nor the resources to survive. They did everything from scratch.

Given education and more resources, just imagine what these women can do!I salute all these women who do not give up and in their little and big ways, do what I can never think of doing!

This is definitely not a complete expression of Women’s Power and thus I would urge readers and other authors to please say more on the topic. 🙂

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