A blind boy is sitting on a bench at a railway platform. A man sitting besides him and reading a book laughs softly.

The boy : Why, What’s so funny?

Man : I beg your pardon

Boy : You were laughing…

Man (smiling) : Oh.. It’s something I read in this book.

Boy : What was it

Man (tells him what he had read) : Well, a man sees another man limping towards him and asks “Why are you limping?” to which the limping man replies “Because I have a toothache”

Eye DonationThe boy laughs loudly. The man looks on at the boy.

Boy : When you’re done, can you give it to me?

Man (amused) : The book?

Boy : No, The eyes.

Once your eyes have finished seeing, pass them on…. there is always someone waiting.

Light up someone’s life, donate your eyes.

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