How often have you confessed to your mom / dad: “I love you! Thank You for whatever you have done for me right from the day, I was born till this very day.”? Ever wondered if they didn’t stand by your side then who would’ve?

Recently, I went to a ‘jagran’. The organizing family had a band to sing hymns and chants. Then from the family itself, a girl showed some courage and started singing in front of the big crowd. She sang for around 15 minutes. What I observed was that for the whole duration of 15 min., her father kept encouraging her, by continuously clapping, while standing by her side. There were times when her voice became unbalanced or low and people started getting bored and the intensity of the claps was reduced; but her father stood by her side encouraging her by clapping.

I’ve got another incident to share, here: Have you ever been to any kids’ function? You might get bored because children can’t dance with that much perfection; but, notice their parents and you would be able to see that gleaming excitement and happiness in their eyes. That pride won’t be because their kids are performing brilliantly, but because they will be happy to see their children perform.

A child is loved by his parents whatever be his strength or weakness. For these parents, all of the child’s weaknesses are overshadowed by his little abilities. They are actually true lovers, true admirers of that person without any demands, any selfishness. They just donate each and everything they ever earn/have to their child. When everybody leaves us in our bad times, we can always expect our parents to be with us.

We’ve all heard of those stories. Even if we don’t care for them, or abuse them in their old age then also they wouldn’t raise a voice of disapproval against us. They say if there is anything above God, it’s your parents; and well I do agree with them. Parents, truly are the greatest lover of oneself.

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