There’s so much pain in this world. So many different ways pain can affect us. So many people who feel pain. So many reasons. So many questions. But a lot of the time, there are no answers. A lot of the time, we just have take that pain in our stride, bury it deep down, far away, where no one including ourselves will ever be able to find it again.

We might never find a reason to be happy, but then we should look around ourselves and realize, that we’re not the only ones, that there are people out there in world, who have so much more to complain about, and yet they find more reasons to smile, to show the world that they’ll stand tall and strong no matter what tries to bring them down, that they’re so much stronger than the pain. We look at these people, and we realize that they fight through it, everyday, and that no matter how big our pain seems to us, we can too. We look around us, and we realize that there are so many bigger problems than just our own, that if one day just one tiny thing were to change, our lives wouldn’t be the same, that we’d look back on those problems we used to have and wonder how something so little could affect so much in us.

But everyone’s pain, big or small, is the same to them. Our pain may always seem so much harder to get through than someone else’s, but for that someone, it could be just as hard, maybe harder. It doesn’t matter who, it doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter why, or how, or when, or where. The fact that we feel pain, makes us human, it makes us real.


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