Three years back, when I was a class X student in Vivekananda School, Anand Vihar, I used to think myself as an intelligent student as far as this subject English is concerned. Its not that in other subjects I didn’t know anything or I was not interested in studying them. It was just that English always had a special place in my life from childhood till now and I wish it to be there till the time I am alive on this earth.

During my school days, whenever our English teacher used to enter in the class, I always kept myself ready to answer for each and every thing. And the moment she asked a question I used to raise my hand immediately and answer it quickly. In this way, I was very much able to impress my teacher. She always used to appreciate me in the class and the English class was the only one when I had no confusions in my mind, no doubts at all and I used to have sheer confidence in myself.

Then one day, when she was teaching in the class, I was not able to concentrate because of some negative thoughts going on in my mind. The thing that was annoying me again and again was the next day’s Parents-Teacher’s Meeting. I had hit one of my friends on his head with a water bottle and our biology teacher saw me doing this and she scolded both of us. She also threatened us saying that she will make a complaint against both of us to our parents the very next day. Two of us were quite scared. I kept on thinking over it and stressing myself more and more. Within a short span of time, the English class was over and our teacher left the class. That day I came back home and still I was brooding over the same thing and didn’t even talk to anyone.

Now, the new day arrived when I have to go to the Parent’s-Teacher’s Meeting with my parents. Still I was very scared but somehow managed to reach the school. First of all, we went to the biology teacher because all other teachers were surrounded by the crowd. I, with my parents gently entered the class. I was feeling very scared thinking what she would say. But, to my surprise she just talked to my parents about my performance in the class. She also said that I was a hard working student and also capable of achieving a lot. I was so relieved and even today I can’t express what I was feeling at that moment. I was fully astonished. And when the time came to depart, I just smiled and we went to my English teacher. She was sitting alone in the classroom now. We entered the class and I introduced my parents to her. She started talking to my parents and during this conversation she spoke a statement-“She Is One of the Topmost Students in English”. Listening to this, I grabbed my attention towards my teacher and after a moment I looked at my mother, she was in tears. These were the happy tears she could not resist. For the first time she heard that a teacher addressed her child as the TOPMOST. Even I was mesmerized after listening to this compliment from my teacher. I never saw my mother in this way ever before. She looked as if she wished to dance out of joy.

I always used to think that I am intelligent enough in English but no one ever gave me a huge compliment like this. Really, it was one of the best compliments I ever got in my life. Today, among all my friends, I am the only one who decided to pursue my higher studies in the field of English and now I am also hoping to see a successful career very soon in this field only, with a positive attitude and a lot of blessings from my TEACHERS.


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