स्नेह एवं आत्मीयता की दिव्य मूर्ति माताश्री

The Mother and Father are the two most Revered Gods that a human being has, who bring them to this beautiful life full of vigour, joy, challenges and threats. The mother out of the two is even most revered as she brings up the child and takes every possible care to nurture in him the initial Sanskaras which lay the foundation for leading a strong ethical, moral and spiritual life, thereafter.

My mother Smt. Gaura Devi Ji was one of the noblest soul who not only brought me up but sacrificed all her comforts and conveniences, many a times her food and possessions to ensure that her children do not suffer or feel short of any support. I remember the early childhood when the mother will herself live a life of simplicity and yet with novelty serve not only her children but also the neighbourhood and society. I had a habit of not taking my food alone but always in the company of my friends, classmates. My mother used to take immense pleasure in offering food for all of us, knowing very well that there is very little in the kitchen. But she never showed any sign of nervousness rather always exhibited delight of serving her child and his friends, the children of God. She used to be filled with immense joy and happiness in seeing her child i.e. me and her other children marching from strength to strength and with conviction of achieving excellence in education and other pursuits.

The day I joined engineering in 1964 that was a great day for my mother as I lost my father in 1961 who always prayed for us to excel in education. My mother never ever made us feel the loss of our father as she took great care of all of us despite all the difficulties and discomfort she felt for meeting the needs of our family of 3 sons and 1 daughter.

The greatest day for my mother, however, was in July 1969 when I graduated with the Gold Medal of Faculty of Technology of Vikram University, Ujjain after completing my engineering education from SATI, Vidisha. On that day the entire town was congratulating my mother for the distinction she has achieved as a proud mother of a child who brought such a high esteem to the entire township. As this was the first Gold Medal ever to be received by a graduate of engineering / science from the town of Vidisha the euphoria and acclaim was ever to high.

Later, when I was leaving for UK in September 1973 after teaching for 4 years at SATI, Vidisha, I had to leave my mother behind with a feeling of little distress as I will be deprived of her Darshan for next 4 to 5 years till I return after my Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. She kept on praying for me as she was a great devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. She always remembered and prayed to Lord Hanumana for bringing glory to her son studying in University of Birmingham as a Government of India Scholar. Her prayers worked wonders that I topped in the University of Birmingham in my Master’s Degree and later completed my Doctorate with flying colours from the same University i.e. University of Birmingham.

She became the proud mother of an IIT Professor, a proud mother of the 10th Principal of Delhi College of Engineering, a proud mother of the Founder Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal and later a proud mother of the Founder Vice Chancellor of Delhi Technological University, DTU, Delhi. For her this was the fulfilment of life full of divine bliss as she always felt that the Load is always with us with the fullest of his blessings.

Being an ordained devotee of the Lord, she lived a life of 100 years plus without any ailment or discomfort. My mother had a firm belief that the Lord is always with you when you live a life full of divinity coupled with harmony and devotion to service of the Self and to the society.

It is indeed very difficult to accept that she is no more with me as she left for heavenly abode on 31st May 2012, breathing last at Vidisha at around 04:30 PM in our parental house, leaving for divine peacefully without any discomfort or suffering while at the same time chanting the name of Lord Rama, Rama Rama, on her tongue and lips.

In our ancient Vedic Santan tradition the death marks the detachment of the eternal Atman from the material body. The departure to divinity marks the beginning of a new journey back to Godhead and thereafter as the God Almighty may desire –reincarnation, rebirth or moksha, the eternal escape from the perishable world:

In the famous Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna has so categorically stated about the eternity of the Atman as:

nainam chindanti shastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na chainam kledayanty apo
na sosayati marutah

“The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor soiled by water, nor withered by the wind.”

Likewise, the Ishaupnishad, the most ancient upnishad of the Rig Veda also exclaim:

“This world is Whole. That World is Whole. From Whole comes the Whole. It comes from Whole, what remains on its destruction is also Whole.”

It is this eternity of atman and the wholeness of the Divinity that unites this world of perishable existence and it is this divine character of perishable existence that is the hope the mankind has to constantly engage in life full of action (karma) blessed by the divine presence of Atman, the divine presence of the Lord.

Our forefathers have made us feel morally, ethically and spiritually strong to live a life full of divinity for 100 years and manifest our fullest of potential to create, manage and sustain this beautiful world, as the march of the divine cycle continues unabated – pjsosfr pjsosfrAA

My beloved mother lived such a life full of divine for 100 years and blessed us by her fullest divine blessings. That is the reason not only I but my children Anurag and Aurbind could achieve such heights of enlightenment and glory during our work life.

Let me offer my humblest reverence to my mother for bringing me up till day and inspiring me and my children to serve the society with utmost devotion and unconditional commitment.

We, me, my wife Meena, sons Anurag and Aurbind, daughter-in-laws Dr. Aastha and Meenakshi, grandsons Vasu, Dev, Aadi and Sanskrit all salute to the divine soul and offer our prayers for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Prof. P.B. Sharma*

* Prof. P.B. Sharma is the former Professor of IIT Delhi, former Principal / Director of Delhi College of Engineering, founder Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Technological University and currently Vice Chancellor of Delhi Technological University.

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