One fine day, my parents were discussing their past lives, the whole beauty and charm of that era; when lives were not bugged with these many technologies and gadgets, only some people had the luxury of having a television set in their homes and that too, telecasted only state-run DD 1 and DD 2. In those days, television was not reduced to ‘Rakhi ka Swayamvar’ or ‘Big Boss’ but classics like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ were enjoyed with family, friends and neighbours. Neighbours were not really neighbours in those days, they were family; they had their say in family matters. At that time, DVDs were not rampant, so, favourite movies could not be enjoyed at one’s own leisure; rather, going to movies used to be a fest of sorts, with friends, family and loads of planning. Every kid in the family did not use to own a cupboard full of clothes and accessories, as there used to be many children and less money. They used to compromise for each and everything in their lives, yet they remained happy and never complained for anything.

Well, times have changed now; we no longer have close relations with our neighbours, hell, mostly, we don’t even know them. Friend circles have reduced in radii, we’ve grown more and more introvert. Friends and family now come second in priority list, work comes first. Moral values are decaying in this society, now people are more money-minded; all the care, love and feelings are considered a waste….

Now, we have all the technology, all the sources of entertainment, but still we are not happy and satisfied. Why?

Because, the more a person gains, the more he becomes unsatisfied; satisfaction comes with control and limited facilities.

The problem we’re facing today is that, in spite of all the facilities we have (rather conferred on us by our parents), we need not to compromise with anything in our life and therefore, don’t understand their value. It’s basic human nature, ‘dissatisfaction’; he always aims for something higher than he has and therefore, remains dissatisfied and unhappy, even with so many facilities all around.

So, we should always understand the value of each and everything in our life and remain happy and caring.

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