If you want to improve, you have to say, “The situation in which I’m in right now is totally my doing; it’s a result of the choices I’ve made up to now, and that’s the great part. Because I make my own choices. If I have the control to make different choices today. So, I have the power to change the future tomorrow.”

This is a competitive world, sometimes we have to struggle and sacrifice and the saddest part is that we can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel, still, we have to go on, we have to ignore all the good things happening around us to focus on something that we can’t even touch yet and don’t know with 100% certainly if it will even happen. Still, it is important to work. The problem is not that there is any harm in not working but the problem is that many people like me don’t give up so easily and you have to compete with them to build a line that could bring you in enough money to comfortably live off.

Remember- It is easy to want to give up and count yourself as a failure to mope, cry and let it affect everything in your life when you just can’t get the things moving.

But, never do that, handle this emotional Roller Coaster, remind yourself this will not last for years.
Failure is not a bad thing… not really. Failure means you did something and got a result…!
It’s what you do with that result that now matters…!
Do you cry and complain about it?
Do you accept it and learn from it?

Learn to like the failure, that is how everyone grows and learns.
It takes long time to reach the level of success. High level of focus and motivation to do something is what’s required.

You need to struggle… you need to sweat… soon you will have string of winners…!
PS- “Diamonds are made under pressure”
Remember- the pain is temporary, the results are forever

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