The girl I loved secretly and never told anyone for three years.

My story is not of Love at first sight. It is actually love that happened gradually.

When I first saw her, it was not a mind boggling experience. It was okay, I mean she is good, but as the days passed and everyday I saw her sitting in the front bench; I gradually started falling for her. It might have happened to you too. No matter what your friends said about her, good or bad, nothing matters. Your mind listens and understands what others say, but your heart rejects everything.

The story is that I have spent three years in my Engineering College but have not succeeded in approaching her. Because the girl you love from the bottom of your heart does this to you; you simply don’t get the courage to approach her. So finally now that I am in the final year I have gathered the courage to tell her. But what am I actually going to do I have no clue.

What I like most about her is her frankness, boldness and attractive personality. The song Jugni from Tanu weds Manu describes her best. Please suggest how to approach her to ask her out for a date?

Aman Yadav

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