Quit playing games with my heart….
Zindagi me mere koi aye na rabba….
Aaami je tomaar…

Love is always in the air. All seasons. There is never a season of “No love”. Strangely, love is the most discussed, most debated, most thought phenomenon and yet, remains undefined. Is it that what I feel for my parents and brother? Is it that feeling of “butterflies in my stomach” when I see a cute guy? Is it the sweet smile feel I get when I see small kid?

We all love our family members. I will move forward assuming that this point seriously does need no discussion or pondering over. It’s a universal feeling. Some love more. Some less.

I will jump to the “butterfly in my stomach” portion. Coz that’s the only one I am never very clear about; or as my friend once said “Girl! Your concepts are all fuzzy when it comes to love!” I seriously need some opinion on the matter.

I have fallen in love once. Twice. Thrice. Naah. Many times. Only serious one was and has always been Harry Potter. Now please don’t laugh but given a chance I will run away with him. But sadly I am not getting a chance. He has always been the one boy (or man you may say) I am all crazy about. In real life, I shouldn’t reveal the actual statistics keeping in mind the privacy concerns of the others. But I haven’t yet figured out what love is actually. “Boyfriend” takes a lot of care of “Girlfriend”. Has sweet talks. Supports her in whatever she does, guides her and all that. But my friends do the same, and without any expectations. Boyfriend expects a lot. And don’t start smirking yet, I am simply talking about small things like tagging along with him everywhere, laughing at his stupid jokes (I mean in the beginning when you get to know a person you find his jokes funny, but then they do sound repetitive :D) and all that.

And boys, I know one major and when I say I mean MAJOR problem that you face: Phone.

Darling please call me” says your girl.
Next day she says “Call me”.
Third day she says “Call” .
Fourth day “ You asshole, why didn’t you call on your own??? Am I supposed to tell you!!!!

And then also you simply cannot understand why she gets so worked up when some other girl has a simple innocent conversation with you. “Who kaun thi?

Hahaaaa it is really funny how a naujawaan munda becomes a chicken before the girl when the phone demand comes in or such questions are asked. And there is always a shopping frenzy among girls that boys have been trying to decipher for ages 😀

All in all. Girlfriend………. Boyfriend. Does Love fill in the gap between them? Or is it simply friendship on a different level?

Or do we take things to a little more serious level to define it as love? A little more controversial you may call it. Are you getting my hints or do I need to drop the bombshell word? In short: what’s the role of lust in love?

Don’t start shaking your heads. Lust is omnipresent. It’s humane. Adam and eve didn’t fall in love. They fell in lust. And that’s how human race started and is continuing. But all I am asking is “does love come as a part and parcel of lust or is it the other way round?” it’s an open question. Waiting for your comments on that one.

Or does Love come in only when you are grown up, mature enough to understand your partner, their needs, trust them and in all, have a mutual feeling of respect mixed with deep belonging to eachother? Sounds complicated.

I dreamt one night that I was running on a road with so many people. I was so busy in coming first that slowly I started leaving people behind. Slowly everyone disappeared. Then I saw that he too disappeared. Then I was all alone. I won the race, but I wanted him to be there. That’s when I realized I love him…. this a friend one of mine related to me once. That’s the nearest I saw someone come close to love.

Can anyone please explain……. What on earth is love!!!!!!????!!!!

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