“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” – Charlie Brown

While Valentine’s Day is a seemingly welcome occasion for those madly in love, it represents a thorn in the side of those whose love is unreciprocated. Unrequited love, is often the sorrowful subject of fairy tales and romantic novels, but it does exist in real life — sometimes with devastating consequences. Coping up with and moving on from it, can be quite a task. We must have heard people saying that time is definitely a great healer, when it comes to healing a broken heart, and though it may feel like agony at first, the more time that goes by the easier time one will have dealing with unrequited love.It’s indeed tough to imagine the affliction someone can go through on seeing their loved ones happily with somebody else…how pricking can every fresh morning be, waking up to the cruel, bitter reality !!!

Life is definitely not a YRF movie, where a ‘Raj’ meets a ‘Simran’ and immediately love spreads in the air, with all the lovey-dovey songs being played in snow-capped mountains, crystal clear waters, picturesque locations etc. A considerable part of many lovelorn tragedies goes to our B-town’s ace directors, who have created a delusive perception of ‘True Love’ in their hearts and minds. Everything is portrayed slightly over the top, even at the stake of being completely unrealistic and nonsensical.

Throughout the history of mankind, we have made love as to be enigmatic, complex and undefinable. It’s been an inspiration for innumerous fanciful poems and other literary works. It can be really hard to precisely define love, perhaps, we love the mystery, the complexity, the commotion surrounding it, Don’t we ?? Whatever be the reason, we really love to love.
Love is patient, love is kind. Never boasts itself, has no envy, nor has pride. It is hope, it is bliss…it is dream, it is wish. Love can be this, can be that…and can be unrequited as well, so what’s a big deal about it, at the end of the day, love is still love !!! Unidirectional or bidirectional, does it lessen the passion or intensity of somebody’s feelings…?
So who says, V-Day is just for lovebird’S’ ? It can be for little single sparrows as well…a yet another day of celebrating love, reaffirming our faith in it’s spirit…!! 🙂

Dreams, Love etc etc

Only these dreams seem to be just fine,
where I’m yours & your just mine,
imagination flying so high & free,
a dream, so mystic yet so real to me.

Looking at the shimmering stars above,
you held me so close & embraced me tight,
a shooting star passed by just then,
and I made a secret wish that glittery night.

To hold u so close & feel your love,
so sweet & tender from above,
I didn’t want to wake up & see it end,
the dream, I had of my dearest friend.

Tell me, is it wrong to feel this way ?
dreaming of something that’s just so far away,
tickling my soul & playing with my heart,
bliss I’m waiting for & hoping to start.

I know, nothing lasts forever,
like the dew drops vanish like they were there never,
but, I, with my eternal love will..
till this frame of flesh & bones goes permanently still.

I’ll live the rest of my days,
anticipating for the time,
where I can be with you,
and reclaim all that’s mine.

Let me, into your life n I’ll show how much I care,
like an endless dream, I’ll always be there,
the angels from heaven above will come down someday,
and convey whatever this heart couldn’t say.

And if ever, I die,
leave the world before you,
I just want you to know,
my love for you, is indeed, very true… 🙂


Let love be free-spirited…free-flowing…who knows when the currents change their directions…!! 🙂



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