Love concept

A boy and a girl, falling in LOVE at very first sight, then singing and imagining songs and ending up either by getting married or dying for each other!

But in this 21st century, would you really digest this kind of story? For those who are really looking for a new twist in the tale then here it is! Introducing the concept of love totally re-defined!

A warning, it is not about homosexual people. This consists of the small stories which indeed have love but are not as famous as Romeo-Juliet!

The bond of love shared between a mother and a son or a father and a daughter; don’t they have a right to get the same respect as all the lovers pay to the infamous couples in love! Even these relations are full of struggles, sacrifices and the DIVINE LOVE. Then why do we all restrict the concept of love for the love-birds?

A mother when conceives a baby in her womb, she isn’t even aware of what being a mother exactly is. But still she carries that baby for 9 months and brings it to the world. And when she looks at the innocent smile of her baby sleeping near her, in the same bed for the very first time, she falls in love with the baby. That’s what I define as ‘Love at first sight’. At that very moment she realizes that she has got a blessing in life by the Almighty! She gives up her happiness and joy for bringing a smile on her baby’s face. To make that baby sleep, she has to go through hundreds of sleepless nights.

If it’s a mother-daughter relationship, she supports her daughter as a friend, as a philosopher and as a guide. In every stage, from teaching her to learning the vegetables, fruits or colors name for a school interview. Then also in the daughter’s teenage stage. Even if her daughter has a heartbreak the pain is well treated by her mother. She fights the world for her safety. And if it’s a mother-son relationship, she hides all his night outs and about his girlfriends! She does anything to give him the extra pocket money on emergency! Saving him from the father’s scolding even beatings at times, a mother does it all for her son! I know guys here would wonder that mothers are not that easy to handle but they would also agree on the fact that they save them from the scariest consequence like paying off for their dates and all those parties about which dad is not even aware!

A mother gives up her expenses for getting a top or a matching shoe for her daughter or for paying off her son for his cricket coaching. Even if she eats an ice-cream she would give hers to us even after knowing that we already had one earlier. She knows that we love that flavor so much and to see the pleasure on our face she gives up!

When we get out of our homes for college or schools, without eating our breakfast she would run behind us till the bus stop with paranthas or bread piece, she just makes sure that we eat well for our health sake! Her motherly care never changes and that’s what I call ‘Sacrifice’.

But this love is never one sided, even the daughter comes up as a support to her mother when she fights with her father. She trusts her the most and when she falls sick she takes care of her and hence comes up as her mother. When going to the party she makes her mother look good and for that she even gives her footwear if required. If the mother hasn’t eaten anything then the daughter would make her eat from the same plate.

Even a son never backs out. He always fights for his mother from his father. He never shows off love but proves it when time asks to show it up. He is a doctor when his mother gets a bruise on her finger and his tears surely flood out if his mother cries. The pain and tears of a mother are the weak nerves of a guy.

Basically how much the kids fight with their mother, in the end they would do anything to wipe off the tears of their mother and to make her smile. And this is what I call “True Love”.

Buying gift for mother’s birthday by saving small pennies from their pocket money and by cutting off their expenses, all year just to make her feel special, just to make her smile and that gift for a mother is as precious as a diamond necklace!

This relation is an unconditional relation full of all those elements which we read in a love-story; but it’s just that we never respect them as we do to Romeo-Juliet! Therefore I salute all mother-son or mother-daughter relations for creating a totally new concept and making all of us understand that love doesn’t only mean dying for each other but standing besides and taking responsibility is the second name of love.

So love yourself and love your parents because love stories are not anymore limited to a boy and a girl. So be proud for creating and redefining the love terms and keep on spreading love.

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