It was his birthday when Marcus Antonio decided to end his life. He walked up to the doors of death with a knife ready in his hand, ready to give his sacrifice. As the doors steered open ahead; Marcus bent down on his knees and started to cry. Then, his angel of death appeared…

angelAngel – what do you want son?

Marcus – I have come to offer my life on the day of its beginning. I seek no pleasure or harm, but just one fit answer for now – what shall I die for?

Angel – and prior to that, may I seek why?

Marcus (looking up in agony) – because O Lord! it is the day when I see through the dreamy clouds of my horizon and see that I have lost everything. It is when I realize that dreams I weaved are lost in the waters of time; When I finally see in the eyes what thou too wish to avoid. In the eyes of peers I see all but love, compassion; joy or connection. All I see are feelings playing me down. It is that day when I neither find nor lose love. It is the day when my family disowns me. O dear lord! now when done with questions of life..I come to ask you – while not in life, gift me a reason to die for on the day of my life!!!!


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