Can we buy happiness?

Of course! Everyone says ‘no’. But I can say ‘yes’. We can buy it from our inner soul.

Choice is in your hands, what you want. My few lines about happiness describe a bright path of life. I am writing these lines in Hindi because I think for an Indian it is easy to feel in Hindi rather than English.

Bas khush hun….
IIT mili nhi bas apne iss Engineering College se hi hush hun.
(For them who couldn’t crack IIT, just chill life doesn’t end)
Bas khush hun….
Convent se nhi bas ek Hindi medium school se hi padh kar khush hun.
(Don’t hesitate if you are from a Hindi medium school)
Bas khush hun ….
iPhone nhi bas apne Android se hi khush hun.
(Hey poverty is not curse)
Bas khush hun….
Kharid nhi sakta bas uske ahsas se hi khush hun.
(See dreams with your open eyes)
Bas khush hun….
Pine ko pani nhi bas osh ki ek bundh se hi khush hun.
(Time does not remain)
Bas khush hun….
Pyar nhi karti vo mujse bas uski tanhai se hi khush hun.
(Try again, you will make success definitely)
Bas khush hun…

I hope these real lines can change your life.


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