After months of waging war against countless entrance exams you’re finally here! And while you enter your college for the very first time as an engineering student, you’re not thinking about your AIEEE rank or where you would have been had you scored 1 more mark. You’re imagining what you’re life is gonna be for the next four years. This is a place you can finally call your own.

Finally! We are here!

And so begins the life of a kid demoted from the senior most in school to the lowest rung of the college ladder. [Read From High School-Seniors to Fachchas] There’s not much ragging. But after a week of hanging around all alone you start wishing someone would call you for an intro. After all you don’t learn much about your college from the campus or your teachers; you do that from the seniors

And seniors love it! They love giving out free gyan. With smug expressions as the first years call them sir/ma’am they dole out advice on anything and everything under the sun. Don’t take it too seriously though; they heard it all from their seniors who learnt it from their seniors. Nobody really has any idea, but it’s the wisdom of the ages– passed on from generations. Don’t worry you will have your turn next year. 😉

Most DU kids find it weird that we call our seniors sir/ma’am. They say they don’t respect their seniors a bit. But it’s not about respect. Its sort of like a training for later life. So when we get a job and our boss is a total ass, we won’t find taking orders from him very hard. We have had years of practice. 😀

Seniors taught me to handle situations like this! yeah!

One of the biggest changes from school to college life is that you don’t have to dress up in the same uniform everyday. Engineering is not a fashion parade. I’m not being a hypocrite or anything. Its not like we like dressing up like nerds, but after a while you feel comfortable in your own skin. A casual top and jeans is all you need and you’re ready to go. Life in engg is laid back and you soon get used to it.

life is great

And while fresher’s party, cultural fests, technical fests, concerts etc. become an integral part of your life, the real “carnival” is the exams. The real taste of engineering comes from exams. The last thing you want to do after spending last 2 years giving exams after exams is to give some more exams. Engineering is the art of giving exams. It just is.

calvin would have gracefully passed all engg exams

So when you go for your viva, just keep this thing in mind “you have no dignity. You will spend the next 15 minutes being shouted at that you are not fit to be an engineer.” There’s no point preparing for it. They have lots of questions and you don’t have many answers. A viva isn’t meant to test your knowledge. It is a chance for bitter teachers who did not want to become teachers to vent their frustration on you. Respect their feelings. Smile a lot. And say thank you in the end.

you! are the most useless student….. I agree!

And then the exams: A time for those who make notes feel good about themselves. Notes have brand value. If you get good marks last sem your notes are priceless. [Read It Feels Good ] Exams make photocopying the most lucrative business in the world. Sitting for 3 hours in a stuffy exam hall and filling a full exam sheet when you clearly have never heard of the question before is a skill you need to learn quickly.

So to all the prospective first years, you’re entering something new, something exciting. The hard part is done and now is the time to enjoy. Just remember- “you can call your senior any foul name in the world, just don’t call them bhaiyya/didi. They won’t like it.” 😛

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