Lost in myself, I was eating dinner at the hostel mess when I caught few words of the conversation going among the girls on the same table.

“acha! usne aisa kiya? ”

“haan yaar mana uske sath bahut bura hua….”

Now I started paying attention and followed the conversation.

“yaar Vikram sabse sahi banda h…so perfect in every relation….” something something…”par use aise nahi karna chahiye tha” then an excited debate on that…something something….

I was almost pitying myself. See how colourful their life is 😛 😛

“arrey pta h kya kal mai nahi dekh payi thi..”

“kal bas ye dikhaya tha ki…”

OH! Then I realised all these colors were of some tv soap on colors 😛


So many people just aren’t  living their lives, they are living lives of others.

Can you imagine the difference of going through an experience yourself and watching others do it?  If you are more involved in you life then you tend to have more thrilling experiences & they would excite you and ignite you much better than watching what’s happening in other’s lives. (And TV serials or movies aren’t even the real experiences, its much better to read or know lives of great men and women )
If we knew about people in our own lives as much as we do about celebrities, all relationship woes will disappear.

Of course entertainment is a different matter and the one that should remain secondary. It shouldn’t take over your life. Your life should have a value , a worth , a beauty of its own ….shouldn’t it?

When we hear or read about an achievement we should be inspired by it. But that doesn’t mean that you  should start living their lives. You are a Sachin fan suppose and you never miss a match that involves him. And you are always updated about everything that he says or does. (well, there are rare ones who one day follow up-to the heights and become somebody). Okay, so what? He is doing something to his life, what are YOU doing??

Lets become more selfish :p , getting more involved in our own lives.


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