happyDISCLAIMER: All characters mentioned in this article are true beyond suspicion and any resemblance found with any person, living or dead, is purely intentional!! 😛

All work and no play make jack a dull boy! We’ve heard this statement so many times… but do we realize that this particular statement is the key to happiness in this ugly filthy world.

Some people, you know, are workaholics! They love their work immensely, and to such an extent that they forget that everything around them. Not that I criticize them, but I feel that workaholics don’t really get to live their life to the fullest. Remember Hrithik Roshan from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’? That’s the kind of person I am talking about! And not just working people, but even students come under a special category of workaholics. I have seen the union and society members of different colleges working to such an extent that they don’t really get to enjoy their college life.

Personally speaking, when I had come to Delhi, I was in search of opportunities. I wanted to grab every chance I could get, and I believe that’s what every new student coming to DU wants. So within one month of my stay in Delhi I had two courses, a music society, Aglasem Educon 2013 (yesss!!) and what not! Working all day to manage everything and sound sleep at night! But as time passed, it just went on piling up. And soon, I stopped enjoying it. Even my mates started to notice my overburdened condition. That’s when my friend Anmol, (yes, the author at TIF) said to me three words that hit me hard. “GET A LIFE” was what she had said!

So finally I took a break and went out with my friends. And when I came back, believe me I was in a constant-smile-all-boost-up-set-to-work mode. I seriously completed all my work and enjoyed a sound sleep after many days!!

So, moral of the story- don’t miss out on the fun element in your life. Go out with friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And even if you have tonnes of work to do, rejuvenate yourself first and then sit to do your work. None of it would feel like a burden then.

What I learned that day was that when you take up responsibilities on your shoulders, you will be able to abide by them only if you are happy. You can ‘write’ if you are happy. You can ‘sing’ only if you are happy. You can ‘dance’ only if you are happy, and hell yeah, you can ‘study’ if you are happy.

So all the people who have work crammed in their body cells, wake up and GET A LIFE!! You won’t enjoy your work if it is the only element in your daily routine… bore ho jaoge bhai!! Change is necessary. But this definitely doesn’t mean that you enjoy 29 out of 30 days every month and work for 1 day. LOL. Plan out and complete your tasks and don’t forget to include the fun element in your routine. Life’s gonna be awesome ahead.

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