The other day we all witnessed a massive earthquake. Luckily it dint prove to be fatal. But it made me ponder about the questionable status of “apocalypse” which seemed to be amusing a few years ago!

Every day we get to know about the transformations taking place in the world. Places where there had been bleak chances of rain are flooded, the water rich places are devoid of water, deserts have experienced snowfalls and the shivering cold has taken a toll on people’s heath ,claiming so many lives. Melting of glaciers because of global warming! Astoundment ,eventually is a consequences of these happenings !

The azure sky shimmering with the bright rays of the sun falling on the calm and composed water of the meandering rivers . With harmonious chirping of birds sitting on the lush green trees, the splendor of placid winds, the effervescent rains, the animals engrossed in their merry making, the oceans sans any restrictions of boundaries! Where ruthless humans don’t intervene and ruin the scenic beauty of mother earth! This is an idyllic state indeed!

But it seems to be miles away from the reality, reality which is wicked! Nature’s wrath is evident and it’s a repercussion of the evil deeds of the reticent human race. Today, the irreverent man has completely forgotten the essence of the nature and is busy adding plush surroundings at the expense of nature. Being an environment enthusiast, I strongly opine that whatever turmoil man has caused on this earth will have far reaching results . When the earth is ripped apart left moaning and growling profusely, who is there to pay heed to her, and pacify her, console her and wipe her tears off! For our own vested interests we have completely ignored our mother nature and rather than being grateful , we have abandoned her just as an imbecile son does to his old parents!

The sky scrapers would not fetch us a secured future but a sapling would ! It’s the time to contemplate and tighten our seat belts..else time would run away stealthily leaving us to be repentant and guilty!

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