Dreams are amusing yet perplexing gift of God. It depends on us, how we elucidate them. Some may call it a review from a past episode or a forecast or some will simply ignore it as they are too senseless to even think about! Talking about my perception, I think dreams are weaved out from daily experiences or anticipations of one’s life. What we experience daily or what we visualize the whole day, that particular thing we crave for, is modeled into a dream.

Recently, I had a dream that I failed in my sessional exams. I was crying so clumsily that I even started mourning in my half-conscious state. Though, I was very scared the next day, but thankfully I scored the highest marks in that subject. Here, the dream was a reflection of my dreadful thought of failing in exam.

meaning of dreams

According to Freud, the father of dream psychology, “Dreams are attempts by the unconscious, to resolve a conflict of some sort, whether something recent, or something from recess of past”. According to him, there is a sensible psychological meaning to every dream.

He suggested that if we break a dream into smaller elements and study each fragment, then we can finally formulate a new sense to that dream.

Though, the complexity of dream analysis can go on forever, I would just put it in a nut shell. A Dream is a way of relaxing your mind burdened with a thousand deliberations and enlightens a new hope for better tomorrow.

As rightly said, ‘Dreams are the manifestation of human mind. . . .’ Smile 🙂

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