Hectic exams are over! It’s time now to fully revive myself from the imprints the exams have left on me. Finally having some sleep after sooo long, waking up late in the morning….. The life’s in full party mode. Recently, I was returning from a get together at a dear friend’s house when I encountered a kid in my neighborhood. She came hoping to me. Very excited, she seemed to me.

“Di, tomorrow’s my first day to my new school. I am soooooo excited (of course, I can see that!) . I bought my new books, copies and they also gave me new crayons.” She changed her school and has recently joined this new school. Hence, she’s a late joiner.

Her expressions and voice were enough to tell me how excited she was. (Andof course her dancing moves and hopping). Her words left me with a Colgate smile. The innocence on her face would obviously force anyone to smile.

I started recollecting my memories as a kid.

Flashback! Flashback! Flashback!

I could myself feel the excitement and Goosebumps we used to get thinking about the first day at school. New books! New crayons! New things to learn! And of course, friends!

Covering your notebooks with brown papers and selecting your favourite name slips used to be an interesting task.
The time when we used to make others jealous with our new crayon set but yet lend them when they needed.
When playing meant “poshampa-bei-poshampa” or “pakdampakdai”.
“inky-pinky-ponky” selected the “denner” in “ies-pies”.
The reason for fighting (katti) with each other was cheating in “aankh-mecholi”, yet forgiving (abba),within a few minutes without even a “sorry” and again started playing happily.
It used to be an “hhhooowwww” factor if a boy was sitting with a girl.
Tiffin box was the biggest mystery to be solved before lunch time.
Cheating in exams was like a crime which if caught, would leave you in a bucket full of tears.
The leisure activities at home included- watching cartoons on cartoon network ( PPG, Dexter,Scooby doo, Tom and jerry were my favourite ones) and coloring drawing books.
I used to gulp the whole glass of milk within “ten counts” of my mum. It was like winning in Olympics at that time.
How innocent it used to be. No tensions, just a happy cheerful life.
We grew old, the dictionary of love, pain, happiness, anger…… all changed.
Though we are all matured grownups. But there’s still a kid in every one of us who wants to return to the kindergarten!
Reconciling myself from all these thoughts, I just smiled and walked away! 🙂

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