My sleep broke as the newspaper cracked the 2nd floor window, angrily but still in sleep I started towards the balcony, and ended up on the floor hurting my knee. Just right there I thought if I had just known these things are going to happen, I could have avoided at least breaking my sleep.

I heard Shri Khursheed Batliwala, popularly called “Bawa”, saying the past is about anger and regret and the future is about hope and anxiety. Although it is agreeable to some extent, but the above case was just the opposite, considering my out of sleep state. So there’s the hope, If I had just known that my sleep was going to break and the ANGER to beat up the “PAPERWALA” the next day, for having damaged my window.

There are so many other moments in our lives for which we just hope if I had just known, today could have been something different, a bit though but still satisfying.

“If I had just known why it happened?”

“If I had just known why he / she rejected me?”

“If I had just known where I lost my books?”

“If I had just known what had happened, that led to this kind of a present life?”

So many questions still no answer, neither can you get one, what you can do is just bang your head on a rock and repeat the question, again and again. This is a line that spreads an aura of regret.

Life is all about hope; we hope that our past shouldn’t have been the way it was and hope that the future should be the way as we see it to be. We remain confused all the time hoping for things to have happened or to happen.

There was a movie “City Slickers”. There was a dialogue which I want everyone to know.

Jack Palance asks Billy Crystal, “Do you know what the secret of life is?”

Crystal responds, “No, what?”

Palance holds up his gloved index finger and says “This”.

Crystal jokes, “Your finger?”

Palance says, “One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don’t mean (bleep)!

Crystal asks, “That’s great, but what’s the one thing?”

Palance says, “That’s what you’ve gotta figure out”.

This is the one thing that remains with all the confusion, the one thing that solves any kind of complex problem, emotion, feeling anything, what it needs is time which we always are reluctant to give.

You lost your books, the one thing you know is that you won’t have misplaced it because you always remain responsible with your books, so one fine day you search for it and you get it in your shelf.

You didn’t know why he / she rejected you, but the one thing you stick to is that you love him / her.

You don’t know why certain things happened that led to this kind of a present, the one thing that you stick to is that

It’s your life and it can never be unfair to you.”

We make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, time is there to solve it provided you believe in the above line. It’s not hope but faith that makes you feel satisfied, happier and distinct in your own life. There are moments that lead to doubt and anxiety, but the faith overhauls everything else.

Why do we say to believe in God, it’s because you believe that this man is going to solve all your problems and harness your life. That is the one thing some people stick to and does great things, I am not trying to raise the issue of existence of God, it’s just the art of knowing yourself, your life as it comes to you and the faith that you are ready to instill in your life.

What you should now figure out is that one thing you want to stick with..

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