I will take up from where Ritu left the movie review of Oh My God

aastha, shraddha, pooja path; yeh sab afeem ke nashe ki tarah hai. These are all God fearing people, not God Loving people…

After all, when does a person rush to the temple, to ask something for himself or family, right? Out of hundred times you go to ask for something, how many times have you gone to thank God?

Does God exist?

We are a generation that would rather believe in photos pasted on Facebook wall than our parents’ advice. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey is cool, reading Bhagvad Gita is uncool. Breaking rules and disrupting law and order is fun, being responsible citizen is old fashioned.

So when a debate on existence of God is started, most of us refrain from asserting our beliefs. But perhaps a day before the exams we chant the lord’s name to beg for help. Either we are very hypocritical or we are highly confused. But who is this entity who we call for help whenever we are in trouble, or thank when something good happens to us?

If you have read Immortals of Meluha, you would have come across a line said by one of the vaasus; (the following is not verbatim) suras and asuras do not represent good and bad. They represent two different types of entities. As human are created by Gods, they read books from the suras point of view. As asuras were entirely different or rather antithesis of suras, they are portrayed to be bad.

Similarly, God as an epitome of goodness and creation may or may not exist. But what does reside on this planet is good and evil, and shades of grey in between.

For us humans, God is a symbol of hope. The last straw that saves when calamity falls. And so man thinks God is that one invisible energy that makes good things happen. And as per our holy books, this God created man and this very God is capable of destruction. So when something bad happens, again it’s God’s doing.

Or is it not?

Perhaps we come back to where we started. But what needs to be actually debated is whether it is right to exploit God’s name to loot people? Is it right to extract money from families to help them rectify their
kundli ke dosh? Is God a brand name now?

The Vedas, the holy books are truly the source of immense knowledge, but only for those who truly read them. Those who wage wars or impose rules in the name of God are misusing the holy books. Each such book in its entirety spells out various ways of life.

Man can chose to be good or bad, right or wrong. There might be God, or there might not be. If God resides in a stone sculpture, he must be residing in living humans, animals, trees and birds. Whether you believe in God or not is up to you; but whether you believe in exploiting God is the question.

Some sensitive issues that really need to be addressed have been portrayed in the movie as well. For example the fact that temples waste hundreds of litres of milk everyday as the milk people pour on the deities simply flows down the gutter. Holy places that boast of being the abode of God cannot shelter a poor man from rain? What about the holy temples of men who led ascetic lives like Sai Baba, when alive he did not spend a single penny on comfort rather worked for the poor; today his so called worshippers make thrones of gold for the statue? God created man, and man created a business in the name of God.

Did God really want us to end up like this?

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