If I go by what the world says or believe;

I, as a 18 year old girl, should have a perfect figure or I should be trying to achieve that. I should be worried about pimples on my face and tanning when I go out and so goes on list of all feminine things.

Then as a student I should be knowing all of my subjects. It would be even better if I know something extra of each.

As an adult, I should know the working of my government, all general knowledge about what’s going on in the world.

To be a ‘cool’ individual in among my friends, I should know every nonsensical detail of celebrities’ lives. Only yesterday a friend remarked how dumb I was , not able to recognize a famous actress.

Yeah, I should also be committed or else I’m not good-looking or desirable enough.

Well, actually this is what I have to say

On looks: Cleanliness is one thing, I like to be clean , but fussing over dresses or looks seems very stupid to me. One should be well dressed, in my opinion, but it should not become a botheration. At least I would not give such a thing so much of my attention.

As for “general awareness” I don’t get why the hell should I be interested in people I personally don’t know or affect? …..that when my own life is not perfection yet…”Be so busy in improving yourself that you have no time or energy left to direct into affairs of others“… I love that quote.

Of sports – I am more interested to play myself than to know who won the last match…strangely I don’t like “watching” matches..if somebody would tell me some exciting detail of a match I will listen….but I loathe this ‘fan’ mania….I respect those people as they have achieved something in their lives but that is limited to that.

I would be more interested in learning how to be happy, how to deal with life , how to handle relationships than to learn any of my subjects. At some point of time we realize the futility of all that we had crammed in real life.

Today’s generation is in rage of relationships, multiple gfs/bfs, breakups, suicides and broken hearts. At least in India, in the culture I’ve been brought up, I find sex at an age of 16, shocking.

Relationships have lost their seriousness and therefore their respect and sincerity and people themselves prove that they are things to be played with and they play with other things.

And if in such a world, if I’m not committed, I am so uncool?

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